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    Spent my rent again… Edwardian Indian uniforms.

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    Hi Gents,

    I’ve already got a ‘backlog’ of uniforms I need to add to my IMS post I started.

    However, once again I’ve spent my rent and I can’t resist sharing some advance pictures…

    All are described as Edwardian Indian items…

    This is a 2nd Madras patrol jacket



    This one a 16th Punjab patrol jacket943A2FE6-C7B8-4301-B784-BB0C8438BE85.thumb.png.6fbc535e6e86e064e286d195b81a2d70.png


    These two are cavalry but I’ll need to do some detective work to ID them…



    I’ve got 6 mess jackets and a waistcoat.

    I think this one is the only one with a button



    Badges on this one


    Badges on one of these 👍


    and the final one.



    Lastly, and to top it all off, 5 trousers/jodhpurs 



    Hopefully there will be some labels to help me out 🤞 I only saw 2 in the pics.


    Hope you approve Gents,


    tony 🍻

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    7 hours ago, TracA said:

    Nice haul, Tony. Now you have even more research projects, no? 😀



    Thanks Tracy 😊

    I’m better a finding the projects than the answers 🙃



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