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    Found a named ribbon bar (Marine-Stabsarzt Dr. Richard Kosswig), looking for further info on him.

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    I was fortunate enough to have stumbled across a named ribbon bar that used to be part of Rick Lundstrom's collection.  As soon as I double checked the provenance, I scooped it up.


    However, with my horrible German, I haven't really been able to dig up anything on the original owner beyond the write-up in the 2016 auction catalog.  I haven't been able to find any discussion of the owner or the bar here or on WAF back in the day.  Anyone have any further info on Dr. Kosswig perchance?





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    Nice Grab! I remember that little bar sitting in the case I gave Rick in his office. Damn! I miss him and our conversations. He was a magician and let’s not forget the man who taught him, George Seymour.

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    I have one matching ribbon bar and medal bar that belonged to Rick. Sometime if we meet up at a show I’ll tell you about how we reunited a broken set. It’s a great story!!

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