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    Rittmeister Walter Hammerbacher (Third Bavarian Chevaulegers)

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    Hello gents


    Anybody from the research professionals got more about Rittmeister Walter Hammerbacher. He served with the Bavarian 3. Chevaulegers-Regiment Herzog Karl Theodor during WW1 as a squadron leader. See the regimental chronic here: https://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/sammlungen/sammlungsliste/werksansicht?tx_dlf[double]=0&tx_dlf[id]=14871&tx_dlf[order]=title&tx_dlf[page]=244


    I'm especially interested if he served in the provisional Reichswehr. From what I found, he was put z.D. at 31. July 1919 See: https://www.digitale-sammlungen.de/de/view/bsb00132906?q=Hammerbacher&page=624,625


    kind regrets and thanks


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    Thank you very much. So with all the awards It's likely not the men w/o any awards, in the end of 1919 Reichswehr picture, which I guessed.

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