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    VENDA Police gold & silver Gallantry Cross reverse enigma.


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    Hi Archie,


    According to your pictures these Police Gallantry Crosses look like the ones for the VNF.




    However, I found some information that says the following = When the Venda Police was established, they took over the basic design of the Venda National Force medals, and replaced the Venda crest with the Police star. They took over the ribbon as well.


    Therefor should they not have the police star on the reverse ??

    As the medals look the same (as does the ribbons), how does one know which branch it is for - VNF or Police ??


    Regards, Marcon1.


    PS: Did the Venda Police also issue/produce these 2 medals ??


    VP Distinguished Service Medal

    VP Outstanding Service Medal

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    Hi Marco,


    The Gallantry Crosses for the Venda National Force and Venda Police stays 100% the same, but the rest changed.


    All the Gallantry Crosses for the VNF, VP, VDF and VPS were the same on the reverse, showing the Venda COA.


    Will post the two pictures requested later




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