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    Interesting career:


    ALMQVIST, SVEN Ludvig Rudolf Colonel, Uppsala, b. in Uppsala 14 Sept. 1903. Parents: Librarian Robert A. o. h. h. Frieda Merz. Off.ex. 1926, War College 1938-40, aspirant at the General Staff Corps 1941-43. Ensign at Södermanland's reg. 1926, captain of the signal troops in 1938, major in 1945, lieutenant colonel in 1951, colonel and head of the signal reg. 1955, head of f. Uppland's signal reg. 1957. Tjg. v. defense staff 1943-44, head of the telegraph board's defense bureau 1945-49, for signal reg. detachment in Skövde 1949-52, for the Army Signal School 1953-54. Resigned from Swedish service in 1940, captain in the Finnish army and signal officer. at the Swedish Volunteer Corps s. å. Adjutant to the head of the former Swedish Red Cross exp. to Germany for repatriation of Scandinavian concentration camp prisoners in 1945. RSO, RVO, RDDO, NFrK, FFrK4Klm. sw. Married to Anna Arborén. Children: Carola, b. 1943, Ursula, b. 1945, Robert, b. 1952. Line: Latin.

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