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    Defense Protection and Security Post (Djibouti)

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    Dear Gentlemen,


     Table medal of the Djibouti Defense Protection and Security Post* in Djibouti dated 1999-2001 (Fia):

    *Poste de Protection et de Sécurité de la Défense / PPSD


    - note: originally it was the insignia of the "Sécurité air 8e bureau de l'état-major de l'Armée de l'Air" in Paris, approved (homologation) 47/EMAA on January 7, 1948. It is the 26th homologation Air.




    - in French: Direction du renseignement et de la sécurité de la Défense — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

    -in English: DRSD - Wikipedia


    Translation google (a bit corrected):


    After the Second World War, for the Armed Forces, three security services coexisted. Naval security was reconstituted in September 1944. Air safety was reformed in February 1945. Finally, on 30 January 1946, General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, created the Military Security Service (Service de sécurité militaire / SSM), headed by Commander Bonnefous. These three services were merged on 31 January 1948 into a single Armed Forces Security Service (Service de sécurité des forces armées / SSFA), headed by Colonel André Sérot.


    On December 14, 1953, the SSFA took the name of the National Defense and Armed Forces Security Service (Service de sécurité de la Défense nationale et des forces armées / SSDNFA). On 5 April 1961, the SSDNFA became the Directorate of Military Security (Direction de la Sécurité Militaire / DSM), "Specialized service available to the various levels of command to enable them to ensure the protection of personnel, documents, equipment and establishments against interference and subversive activities of all kinds. » The last director of the DSM was General Michel Jorant.


    On 20 November 1981, the DSM was replaced by the Directorate of Defence Protection and Security (Direction de la protection et de la sécurité de la Défense / DPSD), which was responsible for "Coordinate the measures necessary for the protection of information, objects, documents or processes concerning Defence, within the armed forces or organizations attached to it and in companies holding classified National Defence contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence. » The DPSD then saw its mission shift from military security to "counter-intelligence".

    In 2007, the revision of the decree and the orders of 29 November 2001 officially designated the DPSD as the intelligence service.

    In 2008, she joined the intelligence community with the creation of the National Intelligence Council. By a decree published on 9 October 2016, it became the Directorate of Intelligence and Defence Security (Direction du Renseignement et de la Sécurité de la Défense / DRSD).


    Yours sincerely,

    No one

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    Dear Gordon Craig,


    Thank you.


    The inspiration for the design of this insignia comes from the "Lion au serpent". Lion au serpent — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)


    - google translation:


    "Lion with a Snake is a sculpture by Antoine-Louis Barye made in 1832, and cast in lost wax bronze in 1835. It is part of the collections of the sculpture department and bears the inventory number LP 11841.


    Lion with snake, plaster model made in 1832, and presented at the Salon of 1833. It is kept at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. The bronze was cast in 1835 by Honoré Gonon using the lost-wax method1. The sculpture, acquired by Louis-Philippe I, is 135 centimetres high, 178 centimetres wide, and 78 centimetres deep. It was exhibited from 1836 to 1911 in the Tuileries Garden in Paris1. It was then transferred to the Louvre Museum in Paris."




    Yours sincerely,

    No one



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