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    Hello Again

    Im looking for these missing data in my appointments of this officer

    General die Infanterie Friedrich Materna (in WW2)

    Born 06/21/1885 in Hof - Austria

    Died 11/11/1946 in Vienna ? Austria


    ?F?hnrich (08/04/1904)

    ?Leutnant (11/01/1905)

    ?Oberleutnant ???

    ?Hauptmann ???

    ?Major ???

    ?Oberstleunant (01/01/1921)

    ?Oberst (06/01/1929)

    ?Generalmajor (06/25/1935)

    ?Generalleutnant (06/01/1939)

    ?General die Infanterie (11/01/1940)





    Thx in advance


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    Hi Alexandre,

    most of those promotion dates are wrong. Here are General Materna's dates of rank from the published Austrian Army Lists

    ?Oberleutnant: 1.11.11

    ?Hauptmann: 1.5.15


    ?Oberstleunant 1.9.24

    ?Oberst: 26.6.29



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