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    Unknown cannon brass

    Jim P

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    A friend of mine just brought these in for me and I have no idea what they are or from what era.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The tall one is about 590mm tall and the inside diameter is around 73mm.It is marked on the bottom MARKII GUNMOD OF 98-02-18 lot 1379 100FPS.

    The short one has no markings that I can find and is 310mm tall with an opening of 120mm.


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    Hello Jim,

    I don't know, hopefully someone else does.

    All I could 'guess' at is if Gunmod isn't the manufacturer, then maybe the shell was meant for a gun as opposed to a howitzer.

    Could 100 FPS be 100 feet per second?

    There was a case 75mm, model M1917, GUN which was of US manufacture.


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    Thanks Tony,I don't know about the 100 FPS,but 100 Feet Per Second is rubberband gun slow,so I don't think that is it.That popped into my head too.It has been suggested that the 1st one is a 3 inch navy and the other is a 5 inch navy that has been cut down.


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