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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Im looking for infos (assignments and condecorations) about this officer ,

    that?s I have :

    Ernst Hasse

    Born 07/07/1867 - Rummelsberg

    Died 11/04/1945 - Potsdam

    ?F?hnrich (22/03/1887)

    ?Leutnant (17/01/1888)

    ?Oberleutnant (27/01/1895)

    ?Hauptmann (23/03/1901)

    ?Major (11/09/1907)

    ?Oberstleutnant (18/02/1913)

    ?Oberst (18/08/1916)

    ?Generalmajor (16/06/1920)

    ?Generalleutnant (01/04/1922)

    ?General die Infanterie (01/02/1927)

    Thx in advance


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    Looks like he died just before the Soviets got there-bombing raid or old age?

    In 1925 he was commander of the 5th Division in Stuttgart.

    Decorations included:

    Red Eagle 4x,Crown order 2x, EK1, EK2, black wound badge, officers 25 year Long Service medal, Hohenzlln Hnrcross3, Bavarn Military Merit Cross3X &crown, Saxon Albrecht Order 3x, Baden Order of the Zahringn. Lion3, Hessn Bravery medal, Mecklenbrg Schwern service cross2, Wurtmbrg Order of the Crown knights' cross with lion, Saxe-Ernistene Houseorder 2x, Saxe-Meingn Honorcross, Austrian Franz Josef order-officercross, Austn. military service cross, Osmanie Order 2nd classx with star, Turkish Halfmoon.

    x="with swords"

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