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    WW1 Victory Medal "Late" Issue

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    Brought up in the Vietnam medals for civilians thread, concerning "ongoing" awards of American campaign medals--

    In March 1977 I received my deceased Grandfather's WW1 Victory Medal, which I had applied for as next of kin.

    Along with a brand new lapel button (clutch back), what I received were these--

    and original 1920 bronze wrap brooch medal with pristine mint silk ribbon, and an equally mint silk ribboned circa WW2 ribbon bar.

    Fifty seven years "late" and decades after my grandfather's death.

    Emboldened by this time travel success, I also applied for the state certificate of WW1 service issued by our 1/50th of the U.S. of A. and it too arrived-- an original 1919 blank scroll, newly typed

    over then-Governor Calvin Coolidge's printed signature!

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    Guest Rick Research

    It was shipped in a gray cardboard "Official Government Business" box from the Philadelphia quartermaster depot, with the set inside in a blue cardboard box apparently taken from a Commendation Medal since I can read that bit under a slapped on numbers only label. The lapel pin was apparently made in December 1975.

    That implies CRATES of these sitting around LOOSE... at least in 1977! ohmy.gif

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