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    I need opinions on this silver combat clasp since it has bothered me for years now without resolution (in my mind). The pin seems unusual to me, as well as the odd wear pattern to the front. One side is yellowed and scuffed...the other is clean and bright.

    Thanks for any opinions!



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    Guest Darrell

    There was a very high quality copy aroundrecently which looked almost spot-on, but the eagle's claws were missing. Hard to tell from these images, but are there any claws there ?

    The claws should be quite distinct, down the side of the swas like this.

    I agree. I believe Jody had one that didn't have the claws. It was deemed bad :unsure:

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    Feet are missing, wing details (e.g. lines) are not uniform, flag details are missing, and details of the conning tower are missing, also the propellar is not formed correctly......this badge is a mess :mad: but these details can be easily overlooked....I imagine if I send it back, the dealer will just pass it off to the next unsuspecting collector :angry: .

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    I am getting into this thread late, but the clasp is bad. It does match up to the reproduction that was sent to me on approval by another collector. The missing feet were the first things that I noticed.

    If you could get a refund, I would sure return it.



    Here is my original bronze clasp with the feet.

    Edited by JBeltram
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