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    Gents I have just noticed that the scope of this section has now grown to include all of 106 years! We have our work cut out for us. God bless our moderator. This badge is in Husken 1997 page 103 8208a. My example has the green border found on the Tyrolian shooting badges. Would this then be the leader's badge that I show? Any ideas on the time frame of this badge. I was once told that Erwin Rommel headed this particular group as a younger man. Any clues or opinions. The enamelling on this is what attracted me right off as you very rarely see the combination of colors that it has. Thanks to all. Robert

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    Yes I noticed the change in time frame as well Robert...... Not my idea......

    I would guess that you are correct that it would be a leaders badge or an honour badge of some sort. Nice little badge, not seen one before :beer:



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    The sheer amount of designs out there is daunting, and it never ceases to amaze me just how many great tinnies there are out there! This is probably a pretty scarce pin, but 90% of tinnies are scarce. This particular pin is extremely well-made and minty and it has a very nice design. Add the possibility of a Rommel connection and it just adds to the pieces charm. Defininitely worth researching just how many of these were made and what type Rommel had (If only there was such a database, but you never know). I await the day that a new full-colour front and back picture of every tinnie and maker variation book comes out (all 10000 pages of it in 10 volumes) and there is finally a definitive source. Who knows, maybe these forums will bring about and inspire such an undertaking....

    Cheers and great badge!


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