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    Militaria of the Principality and Kingdom of Serbia, Principality and Kingdom of Montenegro, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Uniforms and in particular shoulder boards - pogoni of the Imperial Russia. Author of the several books on the subject including one for Osprey Men-At-Arms and variety of articles in France (Militaria Magazine, Gezette des Uniformes, Ligne de Front), Russia (Zeughaus), Germany (Militar Zeitschrift), Serbia, Slovenia....

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  1. According to a French auction house, 9th Grenadiers Siberski
  2. 17.500 GBP for this pair at Christie's !!! https://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-pair-of-general-shoulder-boards-of-5091321-details.aspx
  3. 8th Astrakhan Dragoon Regiment, double cipher of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich and Emperor Nicholas II
  4. Both are with cipher of Nicholas I, and one on the top belonged to Knyaz Baratinski
  5. Ciphers are from 1939 and epaulettes from the Kingdom of Serbia...
  6. Woinovich is a medieval Serbian noble family from Herzegovina. Some of the Woinovichs were generalsand admirals in the Russian Imperial Army as well.
  7. Try Hermann Historica and Ader (Paris), both have good websites. Regarding books in English, unfortunately there is nothing worth to be mentioned
  8. All Cossack units had silver lace, however there were two shades of blue. Light blue (svetlo-sinie) was designated for Tersky Cossacks and dove - blue (golubie) was designated for Orenburg Cossacks. I have checked Tersky Cossacks had 152nd regiment ( 152-й Терский казачий полк ).
  9. Погон генерала-майора 1-го Запорожского И Екатерины II конного полка Кубанского Казачьего Войска
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