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  1. Regarding Royal Romanian laynards, the blue fourragere with red stripes is for the Order of the Star and the red fourragere with blue stripes (Actually Rasberry red or purple red in color) is for the Order of Michael the Brave. The Auction is incorrect in matching up Brevets certificates to the laynards.
  2. The overlay style of the ribbons and the mounting harware used is not of the period for Imperial Russian ribbon bars. This style has has the Austrian look to it. I would fold back the ribbons and check the metal mounting device and see if it is new. Also check the end of the spoke and see if it has been freshly cut. You would see shinny new metal at the end of the pin. Bicycle spokes are commonly used in medal and ribbon bars by dealers from Austria, Romania, Russia to name a few places that are recently made and put together for resale to collectors. The dealers from there would assemble orig
  3. I would think later, much later like 1990's-2000's. I question the thick "bicycle spoke" pin in new condition used for a mounting device. My guess, it was made for collectors.
  4. I beleive the badge you have is from the Baltic States area due to the construction of the badge. Thin silver stamped. The enamel color blue is often found in Lithuanian badges. I would start there in your research. The top row of letters "3.X.D." stands for "3rd Railrod Detachment". The bottom row letters "C.K." identify the Rail line. My geuss is "Samositia - Kaunus". Samositia is Central Lithuania and Kaunus was the established capitol of Lithuania in 1918. Bermont-Avalov liberated much of this area from the Bolshaviks in 1918. This is an educated guess, but I would start here do to how the
  5. Help ! Can someone identify this WW2 Submarine badge ? It is stamped with the letters "AMAM". It also has the 800 silver stamp and mfg stamp looks like AHI8 ????
  6. Chemical Gas Troops Summer weight tunic Mostly ran around carrying flame throwers. Captain
  7. Guards Regiment winter overcoat. Captain. Khaki wool Lined in sheepskin. Warm, heavy, but effective.
  8. Batalion Pionieri Munte (Mountain Sappers Battalion) Specialized Engineers. Lieutenant
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