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  1. Here is the backside on my bar, mentioned above. From my experience, there were less bars like this in the early 1900s but far more in the middle of the 1800s. Might be a fashion thing, might be a Financial thing... who knows... Best, Daniel
  2. Hello, here an example: This bar has 5 hooks at the back to put all the awards on. see I have seen Officers up to General ranks with that style of bars. Not common, but not overly rare as well. Best, Daniel
  3. Hans Karl August Ernst Wilhelm von TRESCKOW, 1863-1934 was Hauptmann der Reserve a.D. in Ersatzbataillon Jägerbataillon 7 in civil live Kriminalinspektor in Berlin RAO4, KO4, EK2, PEZsH, LD1, AB3a, MG3, OV3b, GSF3b, EH3b, SLK, VAs, CDIII3, RSt3, TO4, ToskMV3 Best, Daniel
  4. pls delete the "swords to the BMV4Kr" - he did not get anything from Bavaria in WW1. And - Bavaria did not award "swords to something" in WW1 in general. If somebody had a peacetime class, he could get another one with swords and wear both the same time. Best Daniel
  5. Ähhh... I would put this names in the pot: Hertell, Günther v. M Adj 14.AK, OaD IR 393 RAO4, HOH3X, HEK3aX, BZ3aX, SA3b, SLH4, ÖFJ4 1925 Hintze, Alfred H 4.IngI, M PB 14, OTLaD StOPi 158 HOH3X, HEK3aX, BZ3aX 1872 Noack, Dr.Max SA TB 3, OSA 28.ID HEK3aX, BZ3aX, BRJM 1876 Quadt-Wykradt-Hüchtenbruck, Victor Friedr.Wilh.Karl Walter Frhr. HzD LwB Stockach, M LStIB Freiburg, OTLaD RAO4, EK1, Joh, HEK3aX, BZ3aX, BMO5Kr, JK4 1870 1944 Sator, Hans OKrGerRat 14.AK RAO4, EK2, HEK3aX, BZ3aX, BLD1 1860 Schmid, Josef FPostMstr 14.AK EK2, LD2, HEK3aX, BZ3aX Werder, Gg.v. M Kdr II.LstIB Lörrach XIV/37 HEK3aX, BZ3aX Best, Daniel
  6. nearly everything 🙂 HOH2aX, RKM1, BZ1X, BMV1X, BrK2, BH, HH, LüH, MMV2, OK1, SA1X, SLK, WF1X, ÖFJ1K, TM3 Best, Daniel
  7. Yes. Always in front of any other peacetime decoration, even the Orders , but after wartime awards like the EK ans Orders with swords. Best, Daniel
  8. Thanks a lot!!! Untucht got the Luebeck Hanseatenkreuz as Lt in 5. Landwehr-InfBrig. Geigel is Heinrich Geigl. Best, Daniel
  9. Hmpf.... first of all, a very interesting item. If Rick could not do it, its definetly not easy. It would be interesting as well, if all Orders are Gold or are there silver gilt pieces on it. Esp.. the red bird, the Ernestinian and the centers of the Albert. Definetly no military type, pure civilian, so my crystal ball is useless, would have to check the prussian court and state handbooks around the 1890ies and early 1900 by hand. Best, Daniel
  10. MStMV2T - 2. Klasse mit der Inschrift "Für Tapferkeit" EH1X - Ernestinian, right. HOH1aX - Star of the Grand Commander HOH2aX - Star of the Commander Best, Daniel
  11. In WW1 he's got everything 🙂 HOH1aX, HOH2aX, HEK1X X zu, BBI1X, BMVGKX, BrK2, BH, HH, HT, MMV1, MStMV1, MStMV2T, OK1, RK, SH3, EH1X, SLK, WK1X X zu, ÖM1K Best, Daniel
  12. we are mixing things up here. German ROYALS did wear lower classes as well as grand crosses to show their "unity" with the "mortal" people as well. Decorations of the Red Eagle with swords and with the crown were always worn together with the later awarded higher classes, as this were kind of special classes, not the normal regularly awarded "long service" gongs. On the Kings Eduards bar, I see as well a Prussian Crowen Order 3rd class on the special memorial ribbon for the wars of unification and a Austrian Marianer Cross of the Teutonic knights. Best, Daniel
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