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  1. Prussian Crown Order 4th class, Royal Hohenzollern knight with swords Princely Hohenzollern 3rd class with swords, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military Merit Cross 1st class Navy wound badge in black Finnish Cross of Liberty 2nd class with swords Best, Daniel
  2. Jubiläumsmedaille Dienstkreuz ?Saxon Albert knight? MVO 4 with crown Thats what I would guess. Best, Daniel
  3. According my data, he was awarded as well with a Swedish Sword Order knight 1st clas and a Commander of the Star of Romania. Best, Daniel
  4. Nicolas, yes Sir! Generaloberveterinär is equivalent to LtCol. Generalveterinär would be a full colonel, even if Generalveterinär sounds "smaller" than GeneralOBERveterinär :-) Ans as far as I know there was only ONE Generalveterinär with the personal Rank of MajGen - that was GenVet Heinrich Schlake. Best, Daniel
  5. because it is not Geyso's bar. We concentrate here on the hint, that the Oldenburg ribbon is a House Order, not the Friedrich-August-cross. Another perfect candidate would be Generaloberveterinär Emil Mohr, 1862-1922 he had RAO4, KO4, EK, DA, OK1 and ÖEK3 Best, Daniel
  6. He was not... At least not according the quite well managed princely Hohenzollern award rolls. Best, Daniel
  7. The abbreviations are partly different over the years and in various sources. EH, HSEH, HSH... Best, Daniel
  8. Schaumburg- Lippe Military Merit Medal with Sabers on the ribbon.... far away from being Ottoman... See here: https://woeschler-orden.de/node/4526 Best, Daniel
  9. Hi Alan, a bit late reply, but I hope, better than nothing 🙂 My best guess: Either General Staff Major Ernst Buchrucker, 1878-1966, in 1914 Capt in IR99, in WW1 General staffer, retired after WW1 as Major. Or Richard Josupeit, as well an i.G. type. in 1914 1st Lt in IR 30, in WW1 in Heeresgruppe Kiew, reitred as Major after WW1. The combo of Crown 4 with Hohenzollern, Baden, Bayern and Württemberg is quite common, but in combination with the other known rolls, I can rule out plenty of other guys, so that only Buchrucker or Josupeit come close. Not sure if Josupeit had enough countable service time to receive the XXV years cross after WW1, thats why I would bet on Mr. Buchrucker. Best, Daniel
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