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  1. My friend just told me, this design is quite well known and one of the more common designs of the 1st pattern 39 badge, but the Maker is still a mystery. Greetings Daniel
  2. Hey John, I know a handful distinctive designs but far away from everything. But I have a guy who I can ask. Greetings Daniel
  3. good question, there were no holders of Karl Friedrich AND a LDH4 with swords, so I am fairly sure, this might be a silver merit medal to a guy later promoted to Lt. What makes me wonder is the fact the no Lippe War merit cross is there. Awards of the House Order without a previous War merit cross did happen, but quite rarely. Greetings Daniel
  4. born 10.05.1879 in Sigmaringen-Hohenzollern- that explains his Hohenzollern 3rd class with swords, retired after WW1 as Captain. Most likely too young for a character bump to Major. His Lippe 4th class 1st Abt. was awarded 12.09.1917 Can check some other award dates as well later. Greetings Daniel
  5. Sehr schön! Robert Strehle, geb. 1879 1914 Hauptmann Feuerwerkslaboratorium Siegburg, later at the WUMBA - Weapons and Ammunitions office. These rear area guys were usually extraordinary good decorated...as you can see. Your guess is right, Crown 4 on the shorter bar. Later most likely he did just wear wartime stuff. Greetings Daniel
  6. Did we have already a Hessen Homburg Schwerterkreuz? It differs from the known examples in some details, so I am sure it is a private handmade piece. Greetings Daniel
  7. Right, plenty of guys did not wear everything. Our guy here did not even wear all his german peacetime stuff. But, sorry again. It is not Ludendorff. Ludendorff never got a bavarian wartime military merit order, he did get 2 classes of the max joseph in ww1. He did as well get 2 classes of the higher ranking austrian leopold which are not shown here. Why to wear a lower iron crown but not the "better" leopold? Greetings Daniel
  8. Not Ludendorff. Awards do not fit. 🙂 a simple look in the 1914 ranklist would show that Ludendorff had other peacetime awards, shown at the end of this bar.
  9. Ah. You were the guy outbidding me at Zeige :-) Nice bar, for sure! greetings Daniel
  10. Not Lippe but fits. See the bar of brother Guido Freiherr von Gillhaußen:-) Greetings Daniel
  11. One of my favourite bavarian bars. Rudolf Ritter von Xylander Minimalized Godet bar showing only his highest awards from Bavaria, Prussia and Austria. Greetings Daniel
  12. Hi guys, As the name Gustav Curtze, TeNo Landesführer, was mentioned a couple of times, I want to show you his ribbon bars 🙂 greetings Daniel
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