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  1. Matty, super, Hommel was another unknown. Baden Guy, received as well a Zähringer Löwe knight 2nd class with swords. v.u.z.Schachten - Ernst Georg Adolf, 1876-1942, served in FAR 50, as well a Baden guy. Best, Daniel
  2. Great stuff guys, Hertel was indeed another unknown one, Goll was awarded the HOH3X 08th November 1918, so just on the very last days of WW1. and the Monarchy in Germany. Best, Daniel
  3. nobody understands this decoration :-) It was intended to reward old middle class officials which were already awarded with the Cross of the Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen to give them the opportunity to get one gong more after 40+ years of service and it was intended to reward "upper-middle-class" officials after around 25-30 years of service which would normally already be eligible for a Crown Order 4th class. So it should relieve a bit the Crown Order so that the CO4 could be given to that guys as retirement award later. The bar indeed is quite interesting, not to say weir
  4. Until now, I checked 494 Regimental Histories. For obvoius reasons, it might be easier, if I list 127 missing ones: lets start with Prussian Infantry. So if anybody has one of the following, pls check for nice Portraits and mentioning of Hohenzollern awards :-) 2.GRR LIR 93 LIR 430 GRJB IR 94 IR 440 RER 1 RIR 99 IR 441 RER 4 RIR 110 IR 446 GR 6 LIR 110 IR 451 RIR 7 RIR 111 IR 452 LIR 8 LIR 111 IR 457 LSIR 10 IR 117 IR 464 LIR 12 LIR 118 IR 466 IR 14 RIR 130 IR 471 LIR 20 IR 131 StB
  5. Matty, thanks!! Georg Rüffer, born 1871 was an Amtsgerichtsrat in Breslau and Reserve Captain, originally from the Foot Artillery. As well never mentioned in the official publications due to the late award. I did know his HOH3X already from the Mitgliederverzeichnis Landwehrkasino Breslau. You see, there are quite odd sources.... Best, Daniel
  6. Matt, "Die Presse" and other local Papers were sometimes even faster than the official publications. If Nadrowski would have been a local businessman or lawyer and not a career Reichswehr Officer, we would have missed him until now. I've noticed publication delays in the Militärwochenblatt up to 3 months. Most of the awards of the HOH3X end of September up to the Abdication did therefor not make it in the MWB or Staatsanzeiger. Best, Daniel
  7. Matty and Dave, great info on LOEB! thanks a lot!! Still struggling with the 2 Müllers, Which one might fit to which published HOH3X... Best, Daniel
  8. Wow! a nice example for the complete different handling of decorations in the Stasi. An Army Major would be happy to get a NVA merit medal in Gold or a Kampforden in Bronce; a Stasi Major could get already a VVO :-) ..and not to forget the nice extra money which came with it. Best, Daniel
  9. It seems a bit complicated. Tirpitz was no "real" Großadmiral. Proper Großadmirale (with Baton) were only v.Koester, Prinz Heinrich and v.Holtzendorff. The Navy unlike the Army did not have the rank equivalent of a Generaloberst or Generaloberst mit dem Rang eines Generalfeldmarschall. So they had to "invent" something special for Tirpitz and gave hm the Title of a Großadmiral with the rank badges of a rank below. Best, Daniel
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriotic_Order_of_Merit
  11. Very nice bar! Congrats! Theodor Wiegand, bavarian Hauptmann der Landwehr, prussian geheimer Regierungsrat. Archeologist 1864-1936 Bar is made by Godet. Best, Daniel
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