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  1. Thanks for the Schmidt! Noiw it is just the little problem to figure out, which HOH3X is his :-) Best, Daniel
  2. Hmpf. That might be the MWB published Lt d.R. Heck on the 31.10.1918, Staatsanzeiger had him 03.10.1918. As in that times the delay was between 6 weeks and 3 months, it might fit...if Die Presse got the info very soon after the award. Best, Daniel
  3. this might be indeed a new one. General Kurt Lange got his HOH3X as Lt in IR 149 05.07.18 the Oberleutnant Lange, published 17.08.18 is IMO Gerhart Lange, awarded the HOH3X 30.06.18 as OLt in IR 130. This Kurt might be one of the Lt d.R., who might have gotten freshly promoted. Maybe Dave can put some light on that guys. Best, Daniel
  4. Ahhh.. So that HOH3X for Kaspar is not the new one, but for Otto Gerlach. so the Lehrer Otto Gerlach, 1862-1940, Major d.R.a.D. und Oberschulrat is an unpiblished late 1918 award which is mentioned in his Lehrer File... Otherwise I would wonder why a mid-1917 award would not be in the gazettes... Best, Daniel
  5. Great additions! Thanks a lot! I wonder a bit about Jensen. Mid 1918 and not mentioned in the MWB... it happened. Best, Daniel
  6. Oh yes. No swords decoration on war ribbon were awarded in low numbers. Usually to guys in the rear like administration branch. Best, Daniel
  7. Unlike in WW2, In WW1 it was never forbidden to wear enemies decorations. Most people did not wear it anymore but some did. Only thing to remove were the Initials of enemies regents from the shoulder boards of the Chef-regiments. Best, Daniel
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