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  1. Wow! Never heard of posthumous awards like that! Will check if I have anything more about him. I think it is possible, that the award was already done as he was still alive but the procedure took too long that that nice cross reached him in lifetime. BTW, 117 and 118 were both Hessen regiments and in the very same brigade, so a transfer was quite thinkable. Best, Daniel
  2. Hi Gunnar, thanks a lot! Albrechts were indeed handed out during the end of the war without being properly published. All the best and stay safe! Daniel
  3. @Gunnar, do You refer to Fischer or to Ammon? In my files I do not have an Albrecht for Ammon, but I have some "suspects" units for Mr. Fischer. Best, Daniel
  4. Its Karl Will. He commanded 2nd Reiter Regiment in the early 30ies. 3rd Ribbon is the Hamburg Hanseatic cross. Plain red is the Franz Joseph knight. Best, Daniel
  5. Claudio, I would not care for the 70/71 stuff. His more interesting career path was in the colonies... :-) Best, Daniel
  6. @ Paul R. would like to, but to research Soviet Awards - I have no sources at all... Best, Daniel
  7. Not really. It is just "normal" to get the lower ranking EK1 before you could get a way more higher award like a Crown Order 1st class. For a higher ranking active duty guy in WW1, an EK1 was as normal as anything. To give you some numbers, in the 1925 German Army were 720 Officers in the rank of Major and upwards. Only ONE of them did not have an EK1. There have been some rare cases directly after the beginning of WW1, as people like Ludendorff or von der Linde got immediately a plm for a quite extraordinary marit before they even got an EK2. But not anymore in 1915-18 Best, Daniel
  8. @1813, Nope. Only 3 high classes went to Austrians. Grand Commander Star with swords to Erzherzog Joseph Grand commanders with swords to Erzherzog Eugen und Friedrich. Thats the only 3 Hohenzollern with swords outside the German Empire. Best, Daniel
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