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  1. Nope. Not always. As the Albert was the basic decoration for young Officers, most had it already. The numbers of the Order of Merit and the St. Henry did increase, same as the Prussian awards of the Hohenzollern or pour le merite increased. Best, Daniel
  2. Plain old water and a bit of soap. No Chemistry. Everything else I would NOT recommend. Best, Daniel
  3. Sascha, I am sorry but Gert was wrong. I have alone 10.145 knights 2nd class with swords in my files - and thats only the Saxons. Plus ca. 1.100 awarded to Prussians and Navy, plus ca. 100 to Württemberg, plus ca. 100 to Bavaria. All in all I would guess we speak about 13.000 awards with swords. As Dave mentioned, there are many, many awards not published anymore which come out from secondary sources. Best, Daniel
  4. Uh, Dave, nice pic!!! The Marianer cross was a Donation thing. So I am fairly sure that was the case here. Have somewhere a pic of another Johanniter, who got the Marianer and Austrian Red Cross decoration for "his spending efforts". Best, Daniel
  5. To bring that thread to life again, Here my small contribution. Red Star, 4th class Order of merit and gold and silver merit medal and a spanish brigades medal. I know the ribbon is wrong. Comments welcome! Best, Daniel
  6. Alan, textbook Godet. Perfect. I am sure, the wreath indicates a Red Cross 1st class award model 1937-39. Greetings Daniel
  7. Dave is right. Odd enough, the Golden Medal ranked ABOVE the Friedrich knight 2nd class and thats why the Medal could be awarded to Lts and 1st Lts. It happened, that a guy received the Friedrich knight 2nd class with swords and had to return it as he did get the golden MMM afterwards. ...and to make it even more complicated, he could in this case be awarded the Friedrich a second time. Best, Daniel
  8. Nice pic indeed with a quite rare medal in wear. Here is one from my collection: Best, Daniel
  9. Another one: Oberkriegsgerichtsrat a.D. Alfred Schaeffer, Serving in WW1 at the dep.IX. Army Corps staff. Best, Daniel
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