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  1. Bow to the 3rd class and oaks to the higer classes were only awarded to prussians. Best, Daniel
  2. Hello Peter, Nice one! I would guess, thats a Navy bar of a full captain or Konteradmiral. The Red Eagle 3 with bow And Crown was awarded only 315 times. 136 of them were still in whatever kind of Uniform in WW1. Best, Daniel
  3. Thanks!! Very interesting additional info. I did not know his 1st name and the Hessen connection. Arnolds Hohenzollern was gazettet in the Staatsanzeiger 7th November, never made it in the Militärwochenblatt. Best, Daniel
  4. Meurer just got a 2nd class from Mecklenburg-Schwerin, according my sources. Best, Daniel
  5. @ my twin; the last 2 ribbons are the Baden 1902 Jubilee medal and a Schaumburg honor cross 3rd class. @Claudius; who knows who married who in that times and how this bar made its way to the Kiessler family... there was no Prussian Officer Kiessler who comes even close to that Combo. Best, Daniel
  6. nice one! Adolf Karl Ludwig Theodor von Berckefeld, 1872-1920 Artillery guy, "finished" as half colonel, commanding FAR 183 in WW1. Best, Daniel
  7. Komtur, might that be Johannes Wilkens, born Bremen, 17.12.1883 He's got the Bremen Hanseatic 10.12.1915 as Lt in 3.Kp/RIR 75 Best, Daniel
  8. Holy sh... Thats definetly a fake. Completely impossible combination. Best, Daniel
  9. Nice pics!! Thats the Hessen military merit cross. Baden 1914?? Sorry. No. Best, Daniel
  10. Who knows? Adolf v.S. was already a Lt at the outbreak of the war. A Württemberg Cross of Merit would have been awarded to an NCO type, so it is simply impossible that he's got one. Best, Daniel
  11. Goodness, Claudio... Thats the normal jubilee medal which EVERY active Officer got... The painter was not overly careful. I am very sure, no bavarian would leave away his homeland jubilee medal but wear a foreign centenary medal. Best, Daniel
  12. Hi Twin, the publishing date in the Staatsanzeiger was the 07th. September 1918. The Staatsanzeiger was always a bit faster than the Militärwochenblatt. So he's got it alive and most likely already end of August. :-) Best, Daniel
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