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  1. Thank you, Ok so now the trick is how do i discover if it is stamped or penned ? ( i am leaning toward stamped, doubt a senior General would hand sign a book handout - suppose this depends on how many were givne out)
  2. Great Thank you. Also not sure if it is hand signed. Dont see traditional autopen characteristics, will post microscope pics when i get home
  3. Hi All, received a book through one of my uncles in Styria Austria, titled 'goethe und die generale''. On the front inside cover a printed sheet was stuck in with words from SS Gruppen Fuhrer for Alpenland and dated Salzburg 1943. There is also a signature in Blue pen. Now i know Rösener was head of this during that time but not sure if this is actually his signature ??? I dont collect signatures so know very little. I did look under the microscope and it looks penned and not autopenned ( i think), No tunnels, no start and stop dots and not even throughout. Looking at old germanic script it doesnt look like Rösener but then again i have no idea and it might be ( The cursive loopy letter at the beginning might be his First name Initial E and the big loop around might be the capital R. But this is when i quit since i was starting to take flying leaps and think this is probably one of his assitants in the office signing on his behalf. Well your opnions would be valuedhttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_12_2012/post-14819-0-00206700-1355753992.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_12_2012/post-14819-0-44032300-1355754007.jpg