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  1. Hi all, Interestingly I found little on this site regarding IGS medals and thought I'd post a pic of my very modest IGS collection. Still new to collecting so I was pleased to at least have these four on display. Not terribly interesting although the guy who won the 'Relief of Chitral' medal is also entitled to KSA, QSA (Paardeberg, Driefontein, Wittebergen, Cape Colony, Transvaal), Sudan Medal (Atbara Campaign & Expedition to Khartoum). I guess he's also entitled to Khedive's Sudan Medal. Also I found it quite difficult to find IGS 1936 to British Infantry Regiments - lots of Sepoys though. So went for Corps of Signals instead .... for now. Thanks.
  2. Nelson1805


    I notice the laurel on the reverse is pointing to the 'R' which I think means it's an earlier version. Are there any 'ghost dates' in the space below the laurel? I can't quite see in your photo.
  3. I have managed to find a badge that covers the whole Maintenance Command (attached) however there were badges for each individual unit, Unit No. 22 was stationed at RAF Silloth. Unfortunately my knowledge of RAF badges is very limited so I'm unsure on what uniform it would have been worn (if any). As you suggestsed probably not on the lapel.
  4. I am trying to find a lapel badge for the RAF No. 22 Maintenance Unit based at RAF Silloth in Cumbria during World War II (picture attached). Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have obviously searched the internet high and low and thought I'd try some specialists in this forum. Thank you.
  5. it is magnetic and in three bits (but no movement of middle iron section) - although the 'join line' is hard to see (apart from the small section mentioned earlier)
  6. I just have a few with artificial light (until the morrow). I was also interested in the (what I would call) 'burn' on the outer edge. Sort of the colour you get when you burn and shape metal. I just assumed that wouldn't remain after that amount of time. Hope these pics are ok for now.
  7. I was interested to see this EK2 with a flattened corner where it looks like a mistake. the gap between the two sections are slightly coming apart and the very tip of the corver is flattened. What are your views?
  8. Picked this up and after checking online I'm not quite sure if it's authentic. What do you think?
  9. I checked again and it's the same photos for sure and one company is East London and the other SW London so I'll consider staying away from them. And yes I guess one could be a 'catalogue site' that then orders from someone else.
  10. Just picked up a QSA and found the medal roles for QSA and KSA and he didn't qualify for any KSA clasps so does that mean he might not be entitled for the KSA at all? I thought they were always issued together but I can not find anything about the 3rd Battalion so maybe it was a flying visit. In the 2nd Boer War it seems only 1st & 2nd Battalions were used in the front line for all regiments. Any yes .... I do like an old ribbon (don't like 100 year old medal to have a ribbon that dazzles with epic brightness )
  11. I had my eye on a few Prussian medals from the war with Austria just before the Franco-Prussian War - and I came across a medal that was listed on both sites with identical picture etc.. My question is:- Do I just beware of this item or do I beware of both sellers? As far as I can see they are not officially affiliated. I didn't post links because I doubt that's the done thing but just wondered if it's the item or the sellers that I should be wary of?
  12. And you are right saschaw apparently the obverse is the side with the crowned Royal cypher of William I
  13. Thanks everyone. I had a small collection years ago (just ribbon sets and a few coins) and have just started up again proper. Still a bit 'jumpy' just in case I buy a clever fake. Got more on the way so will I post for opinions ......