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  1. Royal Insignia

    Malaysian Orders of Chivalry

    Thanks for the kind words, James. We are a huge fan of your objet d'art. Among my favourite is the Flax Flower Egg that you crafted for Kutchinsky. Exquisite. We have your book sitting in our library. Our late master craftsman use to create all our dies by hand too, but such skills are difficult to pass down from generation to generation. The CNC machine is a good substitute but our craftsman still have to touch up the dies by hand to capture all the intricate details.
  2. Royal Insignia

    Malaysian Orders of Chivalry

    Here's an image of our craftsman working on the crest for the Seri Paduka Mahkota Johor (Order of the Crown of Johor) and a video chronicling the making of the Order. The crafting of ODM is such a fascinating process and we thought it'll be interesting to share a peek behind the scenes. Video: The Making of SPMJ
  3. Royal Insignia

    Brunei: Armed Forces Service Medal

    This is Brunei's Faithful and Meritorious Service Medal. It was instituted in 1975 to award those who have performed meritorious service for the state over a period of 20 years.
  4. Royal Insignia


    Thank you for the warm welcome, Megan. We're the manufacturers for some of the ODMs in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is always very heartening to see so many people interested in our craft.
  5. Royal Insignia


    Windu is right. The arabic script on the silver bar reads "Sepuluh Tahun (10 Years)" The Police Service Medal (Pingat Perkhidmatan Polis) was instituted in 1977 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Sultan's ascension to the throne. It is awarded to all members of the Royal Brunei Police and some civilian employees. The medal is awarded with and without the bar. Only members of the police force who serve throughout the first ten years of the Sultan's reign were awarded the medal with the silver bar. An interesting design feature is the 29 point star surrounding the Sultan's bust. This is symbolic of the fact that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is Brunei's 29th sultan.