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    1. Thank you very much! Looks like a quite rare medal. Do you know any past auction for this kind medal?
    2. Dear Gentlemen, One of a friend show me this medal but I never seen this medal before. It's made from silver, size around 30 x 39 mm. From the shape/style, it seems a pre-communist medal. Can anyone help me to identify this medal? Thank you
    3. A colleague inform me about this RK, it's quite strange as the marking is "HMA L/12". To my knowledge "L/12" usually accompanied by "800" marking. Another issue is that to my eyes, the ring is slightly dipped into the frame of the Cross (dipping ring?), and as long as I know only Sedlatzek had made that kind of variant, otherwise can be concluded as fake. Therefore I personally think this to be a fake. However I want to hear your opinion, fellow gentlemen as I never seen this kind of marking before. Thank you, Windu
    4. Hi, I'm not familiar with KM badges, but recently got interested in acquiring one, especially the u-boat badge. A guy offered this to me. Anyone can help me determining if this is a good / bad and, if possible, the maker? Thank you very much Best regards, Windu
    5. Above medal just being found, might be 3rd grade?
    6. Hi Gentlemen, A friend of mine stumble into old order from China / Korean with japanese style bait on the ribbon. I can't read the inscription. Anyone can help us identify what is this? Thank you, Windu Observe Reverse
    7. Hi Gentlemen, I just find a wax seal from Netherlands Indie (today Indonesia). The handle is missing. Anyone collecting antique wax seal? Anyone knows the price estimation? I try to find comparable market price, but can't find yet.. Best regards, Windu
    8. Hello, I just find a small and nice ribbon bar. The 1st place is IC 1914, 2nd place could be war merit medal, and the last one is Hindenburg cross, but I can't really sure about the 3rd place. Is it Anhalt Albrechts orden, Turkish Order of Osmaniye, or else? Thank you Windu
    9. Hello gentlemen, I just offered this KvK with sword 1st class, unmarked. Is it original? One of my concern is the pin on the back, have it been repaired or changed? Here's the photo: Best regards, Windu
    10. Hi Gentlemen, I just bought a red cross medal, the design is different with usual Japanese Red Cross Medal, but I believe the inscription on the reverse looks like Japanese. It probably made of silver. Sadly, it came without ribbon. Anyone have information about this medal? Thank you, Windu
    11. Yes Peter, it clearly has been remounted for display.. I believe that they had been mounted before with loose-style medals. The war medal has many dent on it's observe probably resulted from the edges of the Burma Star. But I could be wrong.. You right Peter. It seems that if the soldier had no gallantry medal or mention in despatches, it will be difficult to find the record. Also, "Misri Khan" name was pretty common to be found in Punjab and other nearby region. But I believe this man was from 6th or 8th battalion as he had Pakistan Independence Medal named. Pakistan gained it independence in 1947 if I'm not mistaken..
    12. Hi Gentlemen, I just got a medal bar from a Facebook friend, a 4-place medal bar for a bargain price. The 2 stars are fine, the war medal has many knocks, and in the Pakistan Independence Medal named: 3231734 SEPOY. MISRI KHAN.8.PUNJAB.R. It doesn't have any pin/needle on the back side. Is it good or bad? And where can I find more detail about this man? Here's the photo: Best regards, Windu
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