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  1. I was looking up both RH Clark and RH Clarke (later when I also thought it could be a mistake), nothing showed up for RH Clark for me, however I did find one thing while searching in google books. It was some book all about Singapore, and there is a list of Officers in different units, and when it underlines RH Clarke, No 80. Company, Royal Garrison Artillery stationed in Singapore. I believe Singapore was a British colony and or trading post? However this tunic being later Victorian may dismiss anyone past 1902 but not impossible, i'm not sure if officers were allowed to wear the pre-1902 pattern of Royal Artillery tunics if they had already had one when they were commissioned before the reforms. Thank you for your assistance. Being c.1912 it may still be possible for it to be Pre-ww1 Georgian however 2 years is a very slim amount of time. And it could have existed earlier and so far no trace of it, as you said. I believe the Rifle Volunteer movement was popular from about the 1860s-WW1, but we are still not positive if this is even a Rifle Volunteer Pill Box. This is a very hard object to uncover it's past, but I kind of like this sort of "treasure hunt" for information. Thank you for your assistance. I have been looking for similar things on google images and pinterest and such however nothing really has shown up so far. I have seen one similar but it was still quite different in a few ways and not the same cap. And it was Victorian like 1880s or something. Thank you for your help and encouragement, though.
  2. Thank you all for pitching in to help me find out what this cap is from. The seller that I bought it for, whom I trust (although mistakes can be made) listed it as Pre-ww1, so I originally thought it was either Victorian, Edwardian or Early Georgian. Now of course when it arrived, on the buttons it is a King's Crown over a strung up bugle. So that limits it down to either Edwardian or Georgian. And that's my question, do you guys think it is Pre-ww1? Because that is my main collecting interest. I have a rather long period of British Military history personal interest around 1720-1914. I mean, the first quarter of the 20th century is cool, like World War 1, but I prefer Victorian Wars and such. I personally still think it is a Rifle Volunteer Regiment pill box, because Rifle Volunteer regiments (to my knowledge) usually had different pill box's than other Rifle Volunteer regiments and Royal Army pill box's. So IDing this one is going to be very, very hard unless someone shows up with specific knowledge about a volunteer rifle unit and knows what their caps looked like. Thank you all for you help. I really appreciate it.
  3. Do you think it is a musicians cap or still a rifle volunteer cap then?
  4. Thank you kindly Peter for your help and information! I really like my new hobby of collecting these historical things, because it's kind of like a treasure hunt and I really like that. Hopefully like you said some head dress specialists here can help me as well. I appreciate your help, thank you and have a nice day. -Jamie M.
  5. Hello everyone. I have just joined this website and am happy to have done so. I've been eager to learn more about my new interest of collecting British Military militaria. Just today I won two auctions on eBay. One being listed as a "Victorian British Rifles Pillbox Cap" and the other a "Pre-WWI Royal Artillery Officer's Tunic." I was wondering if I could get some information on these items whilst they are being shipped to my front door as I don't know much about them. I don't know if this site allows assessing the value of items or not, but any information would be extremely helpful. The pillbox hat appears to have one little rifle regiment button on each side near the sweatband, though unfortunately they are hard to see in pictures. The artillery officer's tunic appears to hold the rank of Lieutenant and is has a name on it. I also noticed the buttons have the VR crown on it could that mean it is late Victorian??? Here's some images below, thank you for reading and have a nice day! -J.M