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  1. I just added an example to the little pile of rattles shown. It's a Parker Field rattle from 1870s. What's nice about this thing is that a portion of the manufacturer's label is intact. It seems to contain detailed instructions for its use.
  2. I have recently learned that the Glasgow armband was not issued during the Great War as I had presumed, but rather a bit later, during the 1926 general strike. It also seems to be somewhat scarce.
  3. Hello gentlemen. Despite everything that's going on around the planet this year, I've managed to forage through the back alleys and dung heaps, and have added a couple of long-sought-after trinkets for my Specials box. The white enamel badges are quite recent acquisitions and the the Glasgow SC armband is an exciting find. If you squint just right, you can make out the Glasgow coat of arms on it. I haven't seen another one like it anywhere, including John Green's wonderful book on Scottish Police Insignia.
  4. The ribbon, in B&W photos, resembles an American bronze star. It is, in fact, for service on the Eastern Front, or Russian front. So called because bodies of frozen corpses were “staged” along the trail for dramatic effect.
  5. Paul, those are Claudio’s beautiful bars! I tried to “quote” him. It didn’t quite turn out right. I wish they mine. Hell, I wish I could just touch them! Mike
  6. Amazing! Not only that, but I have to confess that I surreptitiously crept back into your archives to see your earlier posts with pictures. They are ALL amazing. I promise not to tell anyone, though. 😁 Mike.
  7. Hi Swainy’s Boy. Thanks for the link. It’s always a treat to look over your, and your dad’s, incredible collection. It’s hard to decide on a favorite among so many beautiful pieces. Mike.
  8. That is an amazing photo. Talk about, “Good cop / Bad cop”. What a team!
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