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  1. Thanks Alan. I’m hoping that Officer Horne turns out to be a copper. With a generic term like “officer” though, he could be any one in a cadre of city officials. Thanks again. Mike.
  2. Hello. I've had this tipstaff for a couple of years, and I need some help. My limited resources, and my limited expertise of those resources, keep me tumbling into dead-end tunnels. I think the era of this particular tipstaff is pre-Victorian, just because of it's shape and size ( 7 inches ). It is engraved, " City of London ". It also has the word "Officer" and named to George Horne on either side of the London arms. I've had no luck with the Old Bailey site or any of the other paths that I've stumbled onto. If someone can lend a hand to an elderly gentleman, I would be very appreciative. I was hoping to attribute it to the City of London Police or one of the Wards of the city, but it seems that tipstaves were passed out to anybody with some authority. Where can I search to learn anything about George Horne? Thanks, Mike
  3. All good points, G. A lot of information can be gleaned from the early police orders, if one has the patience to search through them. My experience has been that they provide a somewhat skewed ratio of answers to questions. That’s the nature of research, though. You seem to have a good handle on them. Nice job. Mike.
  4. Nice. So, without the MP (or CP) stamp, do you think that this is another once-painted stick? Pretty clean if it is. Very cool truncheon either way. Mike.
  5. Gee Alan. That thing ranks right up there with saw-back bayonets. I’d hate to have some big gorilla take that away from me and teach me a lesson. Downright nasty! Mike.
  6. Whoa G! That H stamped truncheon is a real beauty! The absence of paint doesn’t affect it one bit, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not surprising that a painted stick would lack the MP/Crown stamps. Both of them are great sticks. But that lower one with H 305 & K 149 is my favorite. Thanks for showing them. Wonderful historical artifacts.
  7. As always, fascinating stuff, Alan. But isn’t that third medal a GvR coronation medal? Mike
  8. Wow! Just keeps getting better! I don’t think I’d clean it just yet. Far fetched, I know, but somebody somewhere will wonder if there’s retrievable DNA evidence on that tunic. Okay, my imagination has gotten the best of me. Mike
  9. Wow! What a terrific find! I’d say that takes care of several birthdays. Beautiful! Whitechapel no less! Maybe you can research just a bit to narrow down the possible owner. Mike
  10. As a student of various police agencies’ histories, I would like to have a look into the history of the Russian Police. I wonder, though, who would have the most direct knowledge to amass such a mammoth undertaking. During certain eras of their past, the police were not known for their transparency. Peter the Great, whose image is portrayed on the medals, was hailed as a champion of the enlightenment. He was not, however, famous for his empathy toward the peasants. Plus, of her many virtues, Catherine the Great’s openness was not the most notable. Anyway, congratulations to the Russian police and the men and women who have earned this award. Mike.
  11. Fascinating! I wonder, though, if these medieval treasures could be rebuilt today. Many of the trades-craft are a lost art. Even the materials used such as the timbers are simply non-existent. That’s why the recent undertaking at Norte Dame was such an awe inspiring event. We can’t just keep blowing stuff up and hoping to put it back together. Let’s see more pictures. They’re very inspiring. Mike.
  12. At the very least, he should have been pepper-sprayed, just to be on the safe side. Mike
  13. Great advice. Never thought of that particular scam. I will say, though, that tracking numbers are crucial, whether coming or going, because of where I live. A one month travel time for parcels, to or from Alaska, is not excessive. Mike.
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