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  1. I think,it is interestnig to see.Awarded in 1972.
  2. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    I have to admit,you are right.36 pages with Михаил Михайлович Петров in Память народа.
  3. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    In Podvid naroda I have found only one person concerning Mikhail Mikhailovich Petrov.The Guard soldier of 307 infantry Mortar Regiment.Awards-only Medal For Victory over Germany in 1946.Nobody else with this first name,second name and surname.
  4. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    http://podvignaroda.ru/podvig-flash/ I have found some information about Mikhail Mikhailovich Petrov here.Only one person with this data. The guard soldier of 307 Infantry Mortar Regiment.
  5. nickstrenk

    Order of Glory 3rd Grade

    It was a common practice to award for disability in the 70th and 80th.But I do not have any more information.
  6. It has been raining outside for long time,and I am very bored.So doing nothing I decided to create a new topic-Badges of Best Workers.These badges are very popular among the collectors in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.The bagdes for the shock workers-najlepší-the best,zaslúžilý-deserved,vzorný-exemplary came into being in the 30years of the 20 century,but the explosion of awarding by them we can see mostly in the 50th.Not everybody could get the state award,so some Ministeries or the branches of industries decided to create their own awards.These awards-badges were given to the best workers mostly in silver,numberred,with certificates,so when the bagdes are appear for sale,mostly at aukro.cz ,they are sold for a big money.I am sure I had a very big collection of the badges,but reducing my collection I decided to leave only a few.I would like to introduce the badges I left. Most of all I like the best workers of some kinds of transport.The badges are in red etuis 7,5cmx7,5cm.Dimension of the badge is 3,5cmx5cm. 1,The best Worker of the Railway Transpot.Sorry,I can show only the obverse of the bagde 2.The best worker of the Bus ,Truck Carrying.I have also the certifificate,40x30cm. 3.The best worker of the Ship ,Boat carrying
  7. Exemplary Worker of the Ministry of National Defence
  8. I decided to create a new topic,where I would like to introduce the awards of the 2nd Resistance,that means orders and medals for merit in fighting against fascism.I realize it will be a long work-lots of taking pictures,writing commentaries... Please,be patient.Czechoslovak awards are interesting not the only with nice design,but also the number of awards was extremly low.It is my point of view,and you need not to agree with it.All items in the topic will be from my collection.I hope you will find it interestnng to have a look at the topic. 1.Czechoslovak Medal of Janošík It weas institued 14.6.1946 as an award for the partisanes mostly in Protektorat Bohemia and Moravia.For partisanes in Slovakia was the Order of the Slovak National Uprising.But it does not mean,no Slovak citizens got this medal.The number of award is not high,about 450.The Medal of Janošík is made from bronze,diameter 35mm.In the obverse we can see the figure of Slovak national hero,a robber from 18 th century,that took rich and gave to poor.The titlle-Better not to be,than to be a slave.In the reverse -For Bravery in the Partisane Battles of Czecs and Slovaks.In the topic are pictures of the medal with a certificate. The period to honouring with the medal was probably to 1949.
  9. Also the Slovak Committee of Antifascists issued its award for prisoners in the concentrate camps in 1993.The dimension of the cross 4x4cm.The width of the ribbon 38mm.The cross is quite rare but not exensive.It is made from gold plated bronze.
  10. I am sure it could be an interesting topic.Really I do not have many Slovak awards from this period in my collection,but many of them have gone through my fingers,and they will go through too.There are not many collectors of the awards of this period.There are many reasons.If somebody is interested why I will explain.First I will show some I have got the snaps I left.Later I will have to do some more pictures.Have a good fun having a look at them. 1.The Bagde Pilot -Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.The badge was created because of opportunity of the flight of the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella in 2000.Obverse-the spaceship around the globe,in the middle with the territory of the Slovak Republic.Around the bagde is written-The Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.Material is silver,marked at the reverse.Screwback.In nice etue,with the certificate inside.50 badges were awarded,e.g.n. 1-Ivan Bella,n.2-reserve cosmonaut -Fuljer,,n.3-the President of the country...etc.The slovak language took the using of russian word,not american one-astronaut.so the Cosmonaut,not Astronaut. Certificate-material-silver diameter 45mm weight 34 gr authors-Ivan & Igor Chyla Made in Mint Kremnica I have got the badge with number 28 in my collection.I had 3 of them ,but they had been sold.
  11. Molnoši Milan, Lazaretská 11 , 81108 Bratislava, You can find something here ,but I also can help you.What are looking for exactly?I have got some medals for sale if you want.
  12. nickstrenk

    14 Mongolian Badges

    If somebody likes,it is enough to write to the topic.Probably,some collectors look for such badges.They are for sale.
  13. nickstrenk

    14 Mongolian Badges

    If somebody needs it ,you can write me.
  14. nickstrenk

    What medallion is this?

    As usually a golden or siver chain was used.
  15. nickstrenk

    What medallion is this?

    Да,не оскудеет рука дающего -Do not let the hand stop giving presents the title in the obverse means charitable aims.In ortodoxy.AO-Alexander Society?In the reverse Pelican feeding their young pelicans with their blood-symbol of sacrifice.and the name and surname of the owner of the jeton The jeton can be very old and and not cheap.
  16. It is interesting but there is not the topic with this title in this division.So I decided to start it. Order of Red Banner of Labour Josef Jeníček number 330538 In the Order Booklet is the text For merit for work in creating of the special equipment for Soviet industry by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Board of the USSR from 24 June 1958 is bestowed with Order of Red Banner of Labour The inviation letter from Soviet Embassy
  17. Help me ,please,with the appraisal of these 2 orders.Many thanks.
  18. I have found some Hungarian awards ,period Horty.They will be for sale,but I do not know when.So they are just now only for showing. Next pictures with the miniatures. I had to wait for a while.
  19. nickstrenk

    Hungarian Awards-period Horty

    Please,identify this badge.Thanks a lot.
  20. In my collectors practice I had nearly all of these bagdes,those came into being in 1942 to reward the soldiers of all qualifications in Red Army.These badges existed till 1957.I went through the division and I found out there is no topic about these badges.I decided to look for the photos of the badges I sold e.g. lately or last year and to create the topic. 1.Excellent Fireman 2.Excellent Baker 3.Excellent Tankist 4.Excellent Buzzer 5.Excellent Worker in Air Forces 6.Excellent Worker in Health Service At present time I do not have more pictures,but I hope some collectors of the forum will add their photos of the badges.
  21. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    Excellent Tractorist
  22. The medal is common but when the medal was awarded to foreigners I think it deserves to be in this division.In my collectors practice I had many these certificates ,they were for Slovaks or Czechs.In this topic I want to show some of the certificates . 1.For the citizen of Romania-Capt. Victor Vagner 2.For the citizen of the Czech Republic Sgt.Ludevít Rapan
  23. The certificate to Order of the White Lion for Victory-1st grade https://www.vets.cz/vpm/frantisek-kral-1390/
  24. Here you are.3 medals for a Polish officer-Colonel Piotr Kondraciuk.I hope somebody will help us with the hand -stamp.