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  1. It is interesting but there is not the topic with this title in this division.So I decided to start it. Order of Red Banner of Labour Josef Jeníček number 330538 In the Order Booklet is the text For merit for work in creating of the special equipment for Soviet industry by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Board of the USSR from 24 June 1958 is bestowed with Order of Red Banner of Labour The inviation letter from Soviet Embassy
  2. I am sorry,still I have not got the photos.The complet is not mine.Probably I will buy the Soviet awards,perhaps no.You know i have got too many offers.Many,many of them. As soon as I get the photos I will put them in.
  3. Jozef Ďuriš 3897658 Ladislav Melišek 6235911 Members of 2nd Parabrigade in the USSR one is for sale if somebody needs
  4. The pictures of some Czechoslovak awards.I gave the link in Slovak,who wants,that can read some information. Simply,first, I did not want to show his Czechoslovak awards,because we are in the Soviet Union awards division.
  5. Next group of Soviet documents https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ján_Juraj_Korenko
  6. 1.For 25 years of Public-Medical Service.This bronze medal was established in 1947 and existed for 2 years.About 200 awards of this medal were bestowed not only to doctors and nurses but also other medical workers.The design-wreath of limb leaves with Aesculaps stick.Down the number 25.In the reverse we can read the title in Slovak language-For 25 years of public-medical service The state sign and Board of Health.Diameter of the medal- 36mm.I have not had the certificate in my hands to take a picture so I am not able to show it.Isaw the certificate only in the picture. 2.Order of Slovak National Uprising is in the special topic but I am going to repeat the pictures.In picture we can see only 1st Grade of this award. 3.Order of the Slovak National Board-Parliament For Heroism in Work .Here you are the picture only the order of 1st Grade. The Slovak National Board was abolished in 1948 as perfomance of Burgeois Nationalism. So and the awards of SNB.
  7. I can help only with the translation of the text in the photograph. Private Ján Kolesár. 202nd Artillery Regiment,Communication Battery Kežmarok Slovakia What can we say about the private?He was not strong in spelling ,he wrote his name with mistakes.Probably ,he attended the schools in Austro-Hungarian Empire.We can say about him he was a good soldier.Because he is wearing 2 Shooters badges-Excellent Rifleman and Excellent Gun Finder? Kežmarok is a small town in the North of Eastern Slovakia. Wikipedia could not help us with his name he was not a General.
  8. I am sure it could be an interesting topic.Really I do not have many Slovak awards from this period in my collection,but many of them have gone through my fingers,and they will go through too.There are not many collectors of the awards of this period.There are many reasons.If somebody is interested why I will explain.First I will show some I have got the snaps I left.Later I will have to do some more pictures.Have a good fun having a look at them. 1.The Bagde Pilot -Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.The badge was created because of opportunity of the flight of the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella in 2000.Obverse-the spaceship around the globe,in the middle with the territory of the Slovak Republic.Around the bagde is written-The Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.Material is silver,marked at the reverse.Screwback.In nice etue,with the certificate inside.50 badges were awarded,e.g.n. 1-Ivan Bella,n.2-reserve cosmonaut -Fuljer,,n.3-the President of the country...etc.The slovak language took the using of russian word,not american one-astronaut.so the Cosmonaut,not Astronaut. Certificate-material-silver diameter 45mm weight 34 gr authors-Ivan & Igor Chyla Made in Mint Kremnica I have got the badge with number 28 in my collection.I had 3 of them ,but they had been sold.
  9. Medal of M.R.Štefánik-the award of Central Committee of Slovak Antifascists.3 grades.In the pictures we can see the medals of the 1st and 2nd grades.
  10. I would like to show 2 Valour Medals. 1.Al Valore Civile-citation:Severini Severino Stefanaconi Catanzaro 8 Jimbre 1905 2.Al Valore Militare Bosco Cappucio Marioni Ulisse 10 Novembre 1915 In my opinion Al Valore Militare can be interesting because of entereig Italy to WWI
  11. nickstrenk

    2 Valour Medals

    A miniature to Al Valore Civile,diameter 1,5cm.
  12. Please,identify this plaquette.5cmx8cm.Probably gilted bronze.Weight 160gr.in the edge numbers 0991/5000.Many thanks for your answers.
  13. Hi,dear collegues,I am going to sell lots of buttons and an Order of Merit Austria.I would like somebody to tell me the approximate price for buttons,concerning Order,I will find the info at Emedals.Thanks,for your answers,Nick-Mikuláš to be continued to be continued later
  14. nickstrenk

    Order of Merit a A-H buttons.

    I accidently found the etue to this Order of Merit. I sold the order without etue on ebay.us 1 year ago.One Japanese collector bought it.I hope somebody will need this original etue having the correct badge of order.
  15. nickstrenk

    Medal of Friendship

    I hope i will not create the doubled topic.It is not easy to go through all division and look for if there already is the same topic. This medal was awarded to a Czechoslovak expert who worked in China in the 50ies..I do not know the exact number of the awards bestowed on Czechoslovak workers.In the past I was an owner about 5 pieces of this award.The medal is made from silver and it is looked for by some collectors of China. .
  16. nickstrenk

    Order of the Yugoslav star

    Beautiful! From your collection?
  17. For faith,dilligence and works Present award for Cossacs http://cossac-awards.narod.ru/Znaki_bez_voisk_files/Vera_Userdie_Trudy.html
  18. https://forum.faleristika.info/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=761653

    Hi,here it is the discussion about this badge.The user Ljubitelj7 took many of them in the office but he did not ask about the resource.Regards,Nick

  19. If they are original,so it is a very beautiful and expensive collection!!!!Having some more time you could take photos of some apart.
  20. nickstrenk

    Help with this Soviet badge marked "FIA Lyon"

    https://www.google.com/search?q=спотркомитет+ссср+за+долголетнюю+работу&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab In my opinion the topic belongs to Soviet badges division.There are many of them for sale in Russian forums or shops.Material-silver.Here you are with the document -1980.
  21. nickstrenk

    Norwegian Plaquette

    Thank you very much for your answer.As I correctly undrestood it is a souvenir.This condition is not excellent,you right .I will try to sell it on Ebay for 20-30euro.
  22. I do not think it is a copy,too.I agree with you.It is an original badge.How many opinions do you need?15-20 years ago I had a few in my possessions.
  23. For Merit in Development of Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš,white metal
  24. In my collectors practice I had nearly all of these bagdes,those came into being in 1942 to reward the soldiers of all qualifications in Red Army.These badges existed till 1957.I went through the division and I found out there is no topic about these badges.I decided to look for the photos of the badges I sold e.g. lately or last year and to create the topic. 1.Excellent Fireman 2.Excellent Baker 3.Excellent Tankist 4.Excellent Buzzer 5.Excellent Worker in Air Forces 6.Excellent Worker in Health Service At present time I do not have more pictures,but I hope some collectors of the forum will add their photos of the badges.
  25. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    These versions are not seen very often.