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  1. I am not sure but I do not think the mini of the Medal for Victory over Germany is in the division.If not-here you are. On the ribbon-2cm. On the needle-1cm. Compare with the size of the Czechoslovak medals in the board.
  2. The Cross of Spiritual Administration is sold,but I have these badges of Red Cross for Service.I hope they will be interesting to see.The badge with the needle is badge of Slovak Olympic Commitee and with the claspe the badge of Slovak Catholic Youth.
  3. My friend is looking for a buyer of this badge.All information you can find here.You can write me your proposals about the price. http://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/93117/Kriz-pro-dustojniky-Duchovni-spravy-RRRR-RRRR
  4. Danish Medal Collection

    A what about this medal?A sport one is it?Thanks for every reply.
  5. Spain-Medal for Good Results at School?

    https://www.todocoleccion.net/medallas-tematicas/medalla-escolar-epoca-pos-ii-republica~x86015764 Yes,School Medal.
  6. Spain-Medal for Good Results at School?

    Hi,Spanish collegues,I hope somebody of you will be able to identify this medal.What letters are in the reverse?What do they mean?Medal is probably from bronze,dim.3,5cm.Etue-11x6cm.Thanks for answers.
  7. Belgian Medal?

    https://dracomedals.com/belgium/belgian-ww2-posterior-medals/belgium-50th-anniversary-belgian-congo-medal-1908-1958-decoration-civil-military.html Thanks of you I got more information.
  8. Dear collegues,please identify the medal.I am not able to get some more information,I do not know where to find out it. https://www.google.sk/search?q=medal+Belgian+Congo+5+years&client=firefox-b-ab&dcr=0&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=N8TYgEqRAdulDM%3A%2C9qMbZ_Pe7z_wJM%2C_&usg=__CsGoUtK9OoCcQHvMYk0ZTYA-uDg%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjpyfXHmq_ZAhVEJ1AKHV-ZDYsQ9QEISDAI#imgrc=N8TYgEqRAdulDM:
  9. I know the medal is very common and not interesting for collectors,about 15 000 000 medals were awarded,but i think it could be interesting to see its types in earings and ribbons.
  10. Find differences :)

    Reverses of the medals Italy- For Loyality to the Royal House Imperial Russia-For Zeal
  11. 1.For Valour-these medals were bestoved after 1965 to antifascists who took part in the fight against Nazi Germany 2.For Combat Merit
  12. Medal of Friendship

    I do not have this medal in my collection already,though I had a lot them some time ago,but I think it could be interesting to show it.I am sure there is not a topic about it. Medal is from silver,many Chechoslovak experts bestowed it in the late 50ies.Not having it I am not able to show the certificate of it from silk and the translation in Czech with the signature of Zhou Enlai .It was impossible to leave them in my collection because there was a great interest in them.Hoping the topic will be interestng to see I decided to create it.
  13. A lot of the Orders of the Partisan Stars of the Soviet Production are for sale now-I saw at least 50 pieces in Bratislava during Bratislava Collectors Days on the tables.My question.What was the reason to start with the production of these orders in IKOM Zagreb,when the orders of Soviet production-Mondvor left? Now their price fell down rapidly.
  14. I went through all division I have not found this order in the case.That is why I started a new topic.Of course I have some orders of this grade-Mondvor,but there is no necessity to show them,they are not rare.But The order in the case it is interesting to see.Probably, the order was awarded to a Czech.Number 98642,case-8x7cm.
  15. Unknown Class of Order of St. Sava

    I will only try to guess.And what about the Commander Grade?The high officers were awarded at least with this class.
  16. About 40-50euro.This one is quite nice.
  17. Probably František Provazník.Having time,find some more information. http://lusik.com/index.php?prehled=2&kat=3 http://www.leteckeodznaky.cz/www/ a book about these badges
  18. Yes,this is an original badge,for daily using on the uniform.
  19. Simply,for the members of the military schools who were taking part in the feasts of St.Hubert-hunters days were produced these bagdes as a rememrance for the event.
  20. The medal is common but when the medal was awarded to foreigners I think it deserves to be in this division.In my collectors practice I had many these certificates ,they were for Slovaks or Czechs.In this topic I want to show some of the certificates . 1.For the citizen of Romania-Capt. Victor Vagner 2.For the citizen of the Czech Republic Sgt.Ludevít Rapan
  21. Serbian-Jugoslavian Military Badges

    I am sorry,I realised I was mistaken with the division.Moderators,please change the division- Southern European & Balkan States
  22. Thanks to Paja we can identify-The Badge of the Association of officers in reserve and warriors (in Serbian Cyrillic - Удружење резезвних официра и ратника; Latin - Udruženje rezervnih oficira i ratnika).White metal,dim.3,5cmx2,8cm I think in the future some collectors will add some next badges.
  23. 3 Mongolian Orders

    I have already sold them.Two pieces on the eBay and one in the Russian forum-faleristika.info.
  24. 3 Mongolian Orders

    It is my tiny contribution to this division.Sorry,for adding the North Korea order.All were produced in the USSR. I remember having some more Mongolian medals awarded to Czechoslovak citizens.But they changed the owner.I stopped being their owner.
  25. No,all orders are original.Simply,a few years there were such offers in flea markets and in the meetings of the collectors.I think,we can compare with the ammonts of the Orders of Partisan Star.I remember I bought 25 years ago the OPS 2nd Grade for 300 euro,now we buy it for 50. Nice or awful?Is this photo better now?