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  1. Also I will renew the topic.2 Lifesaving Medals.
  2. Meritorious Service Medal

    One good man read me the text in the case-Jaroslav Hanzal. Jaroslav Hanzal was an expert who was working in the Car factory Škoda Mlada Boleslav a was in North Korea and he was awarded the order 44070 for disrtibution of the cars to this country. What a pity but I do not the certificate to this order. Also I did not have the certificate to the order 3812.One doctor-surgeon was awarded with the order 3812,he took part in the Korean War in the early 50th.But the order 3812 was sold last year.
  3. A widespread medal ,made in USSR .Silver.Awarded to a Czechoslovak nurse during the Korean War 1953.With a certificate.I think,it is worth to see.
  4. Thanks for your interest to this topic..Yes,they vary.I had many 30th a 40th that were awarded to foreign military persons-e.g. Slovak generals,they had in the left side down Участнику войны-To the participant to war but had the signature of Kulikov or Ustinov.The name was typed,not written.Compare the simple 60th Anniversary army.This is for the Ministry of National Defence.A this is for the Soviet soldier. I had some of the certificates 30th and 40th put into Russian forums.If I find I will add here. I have found.The certificate for General Pivoluska.The medal is without signature,but look at the certificate-the name is typed,a the signature of Kulikov-Marshal of the USSR. This is certificate for military foreign persons. But you can find some more information here-Мондвор.народ.ру
  5. Hi,collegues!I want to show 3 Jubille Medals ,one with a certificate.The medal with a certificate was awarded to the director of operettes in hte theatre Nová scéna in Bratislava.Two next were awarded to the Chairman of Trade Union in the Chechoslovak Socialist Republic.Sorry,they are without certificates.Mikuláš
  6. 2 Valour Medals

    Semper Paratus, many thanks for your information. I add the next medal Ricordo.Of course, it is not a Valour Medal,but it is a Merit Medal.I like it,I think ,it is quite nice.
  7. I would like to show 2 Valour Medals. 1.Al Valore Civile-citation:Severini Severino Stefanaconi Catanzaro 8 Jimbre 1905 2.Al Valore Militare Bosco Cappucio Marioni Ulisse 10 Novembre 1915 In my opinion Al Valore Militare can be interesting because of entereig Italy to WWI
  8. Meritorious Service Medal

    Weight of the last order is 40,6gr. If somebody has an interest to be a new owner of this order ,number 44070,we can agree and he can send a message.
  9. Meritorious Service Medal

    2. 3rd Grade ,number 3812.This order I sold about one year ago. 3.3rd Grade ,number 44070.I would like somebody to read the text in the case.
  10. Meritorious Service Medal

    The reverse of the medal. Simply,I do not want to stay North Korean Meritorious Service Medal alone in the topic so I decided to add some pictures of the next awards of this country.I do not have many of them,but I think, it will be interesting to have a look at them. 1.1st Grade of the Order of the State Flag Etue 30x22cm Weight-star 50gr Weight -chain 80gr Total weight 2kg
  11. 2 Cuban Awards

    Two Cuban awards-I created a new topic because of sending a link.The awards were sewed on the uniform,that is why clasps were removed.Notice the other awards,I wonder if somebody will determine them.
  12. I have decided to add next ones.30 years had been already changed .The name in the booklet:Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Smutný.
  13. 2 Cuban Awards

    Surely it is not pure Cuban ribbon bar,but there are 2 Cuban awards among them.Having time you can determine them.
  14. Cigarette Cases

    Thanks,for your contribution to the topic. Icebreaker?Probably,yes.It is not difficult to find the information in Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgiy_Sedov_(icebreaker) Saphire?Perhaps,yes.I am not an expert. I do not collect ,but I have about 5 of them with the dedication to Czechoslovak officers.This is only one with the Soviet themes. If your cases are Soviet ones ,please, add some photos.
  15. Probably this item is connected with the division.I think it could belong to some navy officer,but also maybe it could not. The 20th or the 30th years of the XXth century? Silver,there are marks ,weight 160gr,dimension 10x8cm. I am sure many collectors in the GMIC have interesting cases to show.
  16. It is interesting ,but I went through the division and I have not found the topic concerning of the collecting of the medals of Soviet Military Academies.I do not have many of them-only 2. Despite of the fact I have started the new topic because I believe collectors here will add their interesting pieces from their collections. 1.1957-gold purity 333 2.with the certificate gold purity 585
  17. The certificate with the medal.Photo is from internet,that helps me sometimes and saves me from taking the pictures.
  18. I decided to create a new topic,where I would like to introduce the awards of the 2nd Resistance,that means orders and medals for merit in fighting against fascism.I realize it will be a long work-lots of taking pictures,writing commentaries... Please,be patient.Czechoslovak awards are interesting not the only with nice design,but also the number of awards was extremly low.It is my point of view,and you need not to agree with it.All items in the topic will be from my collection.I hope you will find it interestnng to have a look at the topic. 1.Czechoslovak Medal of Janošík It weas institued 14.6.1946 as an award for the partisanes mostly in Protektorat Bohemia and Moravia.For partisanes in Slovakia was the Order of the Slovak National Uprising.But it does not mean,no Slovak citizens got this medal.The number of award is not high,about 450.The Medal of Janošík is made from bronze,diameter 35mm.In the obverse we can see the figure of Slovak national hero,a robber from 18 th century,that took rich and gave to poor.The titlle-Better not to be,than to be a slave.In the reverse -For Bravery in the Partisane Battles of Czecs and Slovaks.In the topic are pictures of the medal with a certificate. The period to honouring with the medal was probably to 1949.
  19. Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals

    Commemorative Medal of Dukla Operation-Battle It was instituted by the govermental decision from 26.6.1959 as a commemorative medal to 15th anniversary of the Dukla Battle for merit in liberation of Czechoslovakia and consolidation of Czechoslovak-Soviet friendship. All members who took part in the battle from 8.9.to 28.11.1944 were bestowed with the medal. The medal is made from bronze ,diameter 35 mm.In the obverse we can see the profiles of Czechoslovak and Soviet soldiers and the title Honour and glory to the heroes of Dukla-Česť a sláva dukelským hrdinum.In the reverse the figures of these soldiers hand in hand and the title With the Soviet Union-forever. I do not know the exact number of the bestowed medals,but I think it is quite big.This nice medal is not expensive. The certificate and the booklet of the medal. The certificate 20x28cm. The booklet 13,5cmx9,5cm. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Dukla_Pass
  20. In the future I am going to make a new topic-Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals.The most important thing is the beginning. Zborov Commemorative Medal Bachmač Commemorative Medal Commemorative Medal of Sokolovo Battle Commemorative Medal of Dukla Battle
  21. The photos are not mine,also the certificate with the cross,but I think there is a good place for them in this topic.Notice ,number 142 in 1946.It is helpful with the number of bestowed awards.
  22. Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals

    Commemorative Medal of Sokolovo Battle It was instituted 5.3.1948 to the 5th anniversary to the battle in Sokolovo.All members of the 1st Czechoslovak Field Batalion in the USSR who took part in this battle were awarded. The diameter 35mm,made from bronze. In the obverse we can see the one soldiers in front of the group of soldiers with the gun machines in their hands and the title Sokolovo and the data 8.III.1943. In the reverse the title Commemorative Medal of Sokolovo-Sokolovská pamětní medaile and the 1st Independent Field Battalion in the USSR.In the middle of the medal is the limb branch. This medal is popular among the collectors,it is the prestige to have it.It is not easy to have certificate to it. The ribbon is combination of the Czechoslovak Revolutionary Medal and the War cross 1939. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Sokolovo
  23. Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals

    Commemorative Medal of Battle of Bachmach It was instituted 13.3.1948 to the 30the anniversary of Battle of Bachmač.It is made from bronze ,diameter 33mm. In the obverse we can see the Czechoslovak legionnaire in the uniform of the Russian Empire Army,facing right-to Siberia.The titlle Bachmač. In the reverse -the branch of limb the symbol of the Slavs-Czecs,Slovaks and Russians,those were fighting in the Ukrainian town Bachmač against the German Army in 1918.And the title Commemorative Medal -Pametní medaile.1918-1948. The ribbon is the combination on Czechoslovak War Cross and and the Russian George Cross. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bakhmach
  24. Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals

    Zborov Commemorative Medal It was instituted 13.5.1947 to 30th the anniversary of the Zborov battle.All members of the battle were awarded with the medal.The diameter 35mm.The medal is made probably from bronze,silvered. In the obverse we can see the 1st President of Czechoslovakia T.G.Masaryk facing left in his typical Russian legionnaire cap.Around the title The truth wins-Pravda vítězí. In the reverse we can find 3 flags of the regiments taking part in the battle.And the title Zborov. The ribbon is the combination of the Revolutionary Medal -Czechoslovakia and George Cross-Russian Empire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Zborov_(1917) this is the link to the Battle of Zborov.
  25. Nice,indeed.If it is yours,please,next photos of reverses.