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    Partisan badges.

    These badges were actually awarded to partisan members in 1970-80s.
  2. nickstrenk

    14 Mongolian Badges

    If somebody likes,it is enough to write to the topic.Probably,some collectors look for such badges.They are for sale.
  3. nickstrenk

    14 Mongolian Badges

    Another photo of Mongolian badges
  4. I hope somebody has already seen this medal and will be able to identify it.All commentaries are welcome.Thank you.
  5. Identify,please,this medal.80mm,bronze.Many thanks for your help.
  6. nickstrenk

    Saudi Arabia-Table Medal

    Owain,many thanks.What is aim of this medail?Is this an award or a souvenir?Has it any value?
  7. I am sure it could be an interesting topic.Really I do not have many Slovak awards from this period in my collection,but many of them have gone through my fingers,and they will go through too.There are not many collectors of the awards of this period.There are many reasons.If somebody is interested why I will explain.First I will show some I have got the snaps I left.Later I will have to do some more pictures.Have a good fun having a look at them. 1.The Bagde Pilot -Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.The badge was created because of opportunity of the flight of the first Slovak cosmonaut Ivan Bella in 2000.Obverse-the spaceship around the globe,in the middle with the territory of the Slovak Republic.Around the bagde is written-The Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Slovak Republic.Material is silver,marked at the reverse.Screwback.In nice etue,with the certificate inside.50 badges were awarded,e.g.n. 1-Ivan Bella,n.2-reserve cosmonaut -Fuljer,,n.3-the President of the country...etc.The slovak language took the using of russian word,not american one-astronaut.so the Cosmonaut,not Astronaut. Certificate-material-silver diameter 45mm weight 34 gr authors-Ivan & Igor Chyla Made in Mint Kremnica I have got the badge with number 28 in my collection.I had 3 of them ,but they had been sold.
  8. Next jubilee medal-70 Anniversary of Slovak National Uprising and Finishing of WWII .White metal.
  9. nickstrenk

    Identification of Ethiopian Medal

    Collegues,I am not able to define this medal.I suppose it Ethiopian.I has gone through emedals,Medals of the world,but I could not find it.Probably somebody saw and knows.Thanks for answer. Mikuláš
  10. nickstrenk

    Identification of Ethiopian Medal

    Because the topic is still interesting-here you are the mark of silver in the rim-935.Probably the producer France?
  11. nickstrenk

    Awards from Hungary

    Dear Hungarian collegues?...and what about the price of this order?I was not able to find it through the internet.Many thanks for your answer.
  12. The Best Worker -Petrol-Gasoline Meritorious Worker-Gasoline-Petrol
  13. It has been raining outside for long time,and I am very bored.So doing nothing I decided to create a new topic-Badges of Best Workers.These badges are very popular among the collectors in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.The bagdes for the shock workers-najlepší-the best,zaslúžilý-deserved,vzorný-exemplary came into being in the 30years of the 20 century,but the explosion of awarding by them we can see mostly in the 50th.Not everybody could get the state award,so some Ministeries or the branches of industries decided to create their own awards.These awards-badges were given to the best workers mostly in silver,numberred,with certificates,so when the bagdes are appear for sale,mostly at aukro.cz ,they are sold for a big money.I am sure I had a very big collection of the badges,but reducing my collection I decided to leave only a few.I would like to introduce the badges I left. Most of all I like the best workers of some kinds of transport.The badges are in red etuis 7,5cmx7,5cm.Dimension of the badge is 3,5cmx5cm. 1,The best Worker of the Railway Transpot.Sorry,I can show only the obverse of the bagde 2.The best worker of the Bus ,Truck Carrying.I have also the certifificate,40x30cm. 3.The best worker of the Ship ,Boat carrying
  14. https://filatelie-klim.com/cz/salove-aukce-vypis/65-podzimni-aukce-postovnich-znamek-papirovych-platidel-minci-radu-a-vyznamenani-fa-csr-narodni-odboj-csr-national-revolt_62 3.11.2018 an auction of awards.Here is the page-sale of badges of Resistance.
  15. I decided to create a new topic with the goal not only to introduce a big amount of these badges but also with the aim to sell them.Of course if somebody will be interested in them .To get some more info you can read about these groups in valka.cz 1.M.R.Štefanik Group.The badge is from 1974 year.Bronze.Price 25euro with my postage. 2.Hornonitrianska Group of kpt.Trojan.Bronze The most expensive and rarest bagde.Price 500euro.At present time I do not have any for sale.Only a few badges are kept in this condition.The badge is from 1949 year. 3.Signal -bronze 1974.Price 35euro with the postage. 4.For the Freedom of Slavs-1969.20euro a piece.
  16. 3 of these badges are here in this topic. OK-I will find some time and create a new topic.Than I will give the message here.
  17. There are about 50 decorations:badges and medals of Partisan groups in Czechoslovakia.If you are interested I can create a special topic in division Central & Eastern European States.
  18. In my collectors practice I had nearly all of these bagdes,those came into being in 1942 to reward the soldiers of all qualifications in Red Army.These badges existed till 1957.I went through the division and I found out there is no topic about these badges.I decided to look for the photos of the badges I sold e.g. lately or last year and to create the topic. 1.Excellent Fireman 2.Excellent Baker 3.Excellent Tankist 4.Excellent Buzzer 5.Excellent Worker in Air Forces 6.Excellent Worker in Health Service At present time I do not have more pictures,but I hope some collectors of the forum will add their photos of the badges.
  19. Personally,i do not like.The badges in the early 50ies were made in a different way.
  20. It is impossible to jugde this Medal of the Hero of Socialist Labour from these photos.At least the plate in the hanger is not correct.Also we need a good view at the numbers in the reverse.Is the star from gold?
  21. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    Mike,at present time I am able to offer only these 2 badges.Rest of them was sold a long time ago.If we agree with the user Volovonok on the price and if he does not own them the badges will become his possession.
  22. nickstrenk

    Badges ot Excellent Soldiers

    And what about these badges?Are they interesting for you?
  23. Thoughts positive.The order is in a very nice condition.If you do not like the ribbon there is not the problem to change it.
  24. Spomenica Domovinskog rata If it is possible some more infos-number of awards,price...etc.Many thanks for reply.