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  1. Exemplary Light-Machine Gun Marksman It is not in excelent condition,but I am not able to find a better one in the internet
  2. I went through the division ,but I did notice this topis.Probably I did not see properly.Despite of the fact I think the topic about the Czechoslovak military badges deserves the position in GMIC.In my opinion the badges belong among the nicest military badges,still are looked for many collectors in Czech and Slovakia. Exemplary soldiers and non-commissioned officers were awarded .The bagdes were made of bronze,dimension 4,6cm X 5,1cm.For wearing the base and matrix were used-collectors try to get complete badges.Bases were both-alluminium or brass.It is nice.The description-the five-pointed emaled star put on the wreath from limb leaves,in the middle walkig lion .In the lower part is the speciality of army.21 specialities of army were issued.I do not have photos all the badges,because during past years I sold nearly 30 bagdes.So first I will show some left. 1.An exemplary driver sign truck 2.An exemplary soldier of supplies-logistic.Sign -bakery
  3. Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE

    Order of Slovak National Uprising to Commemorate Participation in the Uprising (Slovenské národné povstanie - Na pamäť za účasť v povstaní). Bronze. 1945-48.


  4. In the future I am going to make a new topic-Czechoslovak Commemorative Medals.The most important thing is the beginning. Zborov Commemorative Medal Bachmač Commemorative Medal Commemorative Medal of Sokolovo Battle Commemorative Medal of Dukla Battle
  5. I would like to add the miniature of the Revolutionary Medal.On the long ribbon,more than 50cm length.I do not know its purpose,probably functioned as a tassel of a boook?compare with the dimensions of the normal medal.
  6. I am going to start new topic-The Czechoslovak awards of the 1st Resistance.There are not many of them but I hope topic will be interesting for the members of the forum to read . As we know the Czechoslovak Republic came into being in 1918 from the Austro-Hungarian Empire after WW1.The main merit in it had soldiers-legionnaires.So it was necessity to honour them.It is interesting to know,that after WW1 only soldiers had their awards,except of Order of White Lion,there were no civil awards.First, I put some my awards on the boards to take photos,later I will try to take pictures in more details to show versions of the awards,certificates or etuis.All pictures will be from my collection.
  7. Some medals have various decorations on the ribbons.All depended from the phantasy of the awarded .In the picture we can see the medals with bars of the battles in France,Russia and Italy.They also have the labels with the numbers of the regiments.The medal is made from bronze,heavy.Weight 52 gr,but some were quite light,e.g.the medal rihgt with the bars of the battles in Italy has weight 32 gr.The medal was designed in France by the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle,some medals have his signature in the obverse some versions have not. I am not sure about the number of awarded ,but I think the number can be more than 80 000.That is why the medal is common ,it is not difficult to get it,but it is not easy to buy the certificate to this medal.The dimensions of the certificate are about 41x44cm.It is big like a poster.It is not easy to get the certificate without damages,most of them have a hole in the middle,because we usually buy them quired. In my practice of the collector I had two certificates for one person.I think it was uncommon.
  8. 2.Czechoslovak Revolutionary Medal It was instituted by the decree of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic T.G.Masaryk 1.12.1918 as an award for merit in Czechoslovak Resistence.The members of armies abroad and volunteers at home could be honoured with the medal. The medal has a design of a greek cross with the ribbon among the arms.In the ribbon is a tittle-Upwards at the guard duty you the free nation-Vzhuru na stráž svobodný národe.In the midlle of the obverse we can see the horse rider with a flag in his hand,in the reverse there is a woman with wings.
  9. Bulgarian Order of St Alexander

    This is my Order of St.Alexander.There is no important reason for showing it,only to keep somewhere the pictures.Alone and among the other Bulgarian awards.Serbian Takovo?As a decoration.There was enough room to place it.
  10. I decided also to show some orders from my collection.Step by step,time by time I will introduce some awards to your attention. 1.2 X The Order of the October Revolution. Number 49832 is with an order book.It was awarded to Ekaterina Alexeevna Sokhanich.She was awarded also with Lenin Order,but I do not have it. The next Order of the October Revolution is number 63978. Orders are in exelent condition.
  11. Egorka,thanks for your interest .My opinion-BX1 is an original,and Nakhimov 2 is an original,too.I have the photo of Nakhimov,I put some water that makes a patina on it. Of course I do not take your opinion and other members of this forum.
  12. 1.Czechoslovak War Cross 1914-1919 He highest military award was instituted 7.11.1918 .It was determined to honour the soldiers who showed the bravery and personal courage and other merits during the WW1 and in the fighting acts in Slovakia in 1919.Also soldiers of Allied Armies and all who contributed to the liberation and forming of Czechoslovakia were bestowed to this award. The award is made from bronze,diam.3,6mm.In the obverse we can see the signs of Bohemia,Slovakia,Moravia and Silesia.In the reverse the abbr.ČS-that means Česko-Slovensko. There are some diferences in crosses,but the main diferences are in the loops-a narrow loop is Parisian version,the round loop is Prague version. On the ribbons we can see many decorations,typical are limb branches those mean mentions in the army orders.Except them are leaves,stars ,...etc. Left French-Paris version,rihgt Prague version.notice the loops. The award in the etue and the miniribbon. The certificate ,the are many types of the certificates,but I can show only one for now.
  13. Today I decided to continue and to show some more awards from my collection.Of course there are not all awards original in this case ,simply I did not know it byuing them 20 years ago.Surely,Order of Red Labour Banner ,OBX2 and Suvorov 2 are fakes. Pochetniki are OK.I can show the photos I took 7-8years ago. Trudovik is a fake,I am sorry.
  14. I will add the photo of the medals on the board from the internet-the sale in aukro.cz.The Portuguese medal is missing.24 years ago I also had all these medals.
  15. I would like to show 2 Valour Medals. 1.Al Valore Civile-citation:Severini Severino Stefanaconi Catanzaro 8 Jimbre 1905 2.Al Valore Militare Bosco Cappucio Marioni Ulisse 10 Novembre 1915 In my opinion Al Valore Militare can be interesting because of entereig Italy to WWI
  16. 2 Valour Medals

    More pictures of the next medals.
  17. I will add the picture of one 2nd Class in etui.
  18. Czechoslovakia-Order of Falcon

    Next Orders of Falcon
  19. The Order of Falcon or Štefaníks Order was established in 1918 by General Štefaník to award the officers-legionnaires in Russia.In the obverse of the order we can see three falcons over the hills.The image of the order is a five-raised star.The idea was to exist in five classes like in the Order of Honour-France ,but it was not realised,so we have only the lowest grade-Knight.Diameter of order is 4 cm,made from bronze,white and blue enameled. There are 3 versions concerning of the production of the order. 1.Production Tokio-Japan 1918 -the orders were issued in etuis from balsa wood. 2.Production Prague 1920 3.Production Prague 1945 There are some tiny differeces between these versions. Two types of the order exist. I.The order with swords. II.The order without swords. There are no swords over the star. This type is more interesting for collectors.It occurs less than type with swords. These two orders are from my collection and the miniature ,too,but I stole the photo of the certificate of the order from the internet.I have not had any certificate in my collection since. The photos of the orders I made a long time ago by any occassions,so they are differet in sizes.
  20. Info required on Czech pilot badge (no shield)

    https://books.google.sk/books?id=osiJAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA163&lpg=PA163&dq=letecke+odznaky&source=bl&ots=R8mmZIotgd&sig=gQ4Msxkuw8QEHQ_BVtkzORdeEPU&hl=sk&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwigjaKYiLHWAhXF8RQKHbDVAeM4ChDoAQgxMAE#v=onepage&q=letecke odznaky&f=false
  21. Info required on Czech pilot badge (no shield)

    It is Czech Reublic after 1994 Air -Navigator.
  22. Czechoslovakia - Silver badges

    Time Left: 18 hours and 49 minutes

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    Czechoslovakia - Silver badges. The best worker of machinery building and of chemistry industry. Silver marks. Excellent condition.


  23. Danish Medal Collection

    Thanks for the advice ,I will try to sell it here in GMIC for 30euro.I hope somebody will need it.
  24. 3 Mongolian Orders

    It is my tiny contribution to this division.Sorry,for adding the North Korea order.All were produced in the USSR. I remember having some more Mongolian medals awarded to Czechoslovak citizens.But they changed the owner.I stopped being their owner.
  25. Greece - War Cross WWI 1914-18


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    Greece - War Cross WWI 1914-18. Silver, with marks. Excellent condition.