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    Medal of Friendship

    I do not have this medal in my collection already,though I had a lot them some time ago,but I think it could be interesting to show it.I am sure there is not a topic about it. Medal is from silver,many Chechoslovak experts bestowed it in the late 50ies.Not having it I am not able to show the certificate of it from silk and the translation in Czech with the signature of Zhou Enlai .It was impossible to leave them in my collection because there was a great interest in them.Hoping the topic will be interestng to see I decided to create it.
  2. http://arheodor.ru/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=106 about 50euro price.Yours is under repair cocts more less. https://www.google.com/search?q=жетон+свобода+равенство+братство&client=firefox-b-ab&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=xWIYZIcAE2BIZM%3A%2CORlWZn8RJUk0JM%2C_&usg=__uQW7ympxMJwWSTP2Uap3ic9sUlk%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixgMOasJTbAhVFKVAKHUrxDBwQ9QEIWjAE#imgrc=xWIYZIcAE2BIZM:
  3. nickstrenk

    Unknown Romanian Medal

    Please,identify this Romanian badge.
  4. Very difficult to identify.I think the uniform is Austro-Hungarian.The text in the back side of photo does not suit with the uniform.
  5. Staff-Sergeant Vasil Bojcenjuk
  6. The medal is common but when the medal was awarded to foreigners I think it deserves to be in this division.In my collectors practice I had many these certificates ,they were for Slovaks or Czechs.In this topic I want to show some of the certificates . 1.For the citizen of Romania-Capt. Victor Vagner 2.For the citizen of the Czech Republic Sgt.Ludevít Rapan
  7. nickstrenk

    A Masonic Badge?

    Help,please,to identify this badge-bronze,enamels.Thank you.
  8. nickstrenk


    http://krasnyj-ugol.ru/applications/znak-krasnogo-kresta-za-sluzhbu-na-kavkaze/ here it is the official name of the badge in Russian
  9. nickstrenk


    Sold for 210euro.
  10. nickstrenk

    2 Cuban Awards

    Two Cuban awards-I created a new topic because of sending a link.The awards were sewed on the uniform,that is why clasps were removed.Notice the other awards,I wonder if somebody will determine them.
  11. nickstrenk

    Medal Work

    Boris,it is kind of you,but it is not necessary.As I understand you translated Krivcovs Avers into Spanish?The reading is interesting.When are going to continue?Having some more time?
  12. nickstrenk

    2 Cuban Awards

    Lukacz,I have already sold these Cuban awards.One Chinese bought them,I think it was not exepensive. I am glad you found time to guess the awards by the ribbons. red-yellow-red-for 25 years of the socialist agriculture white-blue-white-for merit in development of southbohemian region-i am not able to find it in the internet blue-za example work in Svazarm-like soviet dosaaf red-pale blue -red -the honour medal of szm-socialist youth union red-white-blue-white-red-1st grade of north korean state flag-the picture of order is in korean awards
  13. nickstrenk


    Thanks for interest to the topic.The enamel is not the glazed type.It is quite grainy.
  14. nickstrenk

    Medal Work

    Boris,as I understood ,you published Work about Soviet Awards in Spanish.What a pity but I cannot read Spanish.Are you intend in continuing?The pictures you showed I like very much.
  15. nickstrenk

    baltic Items

    Probably also a Lithuanian medal.Will anybody be able to identify it? Is it a souvenir?
  16. nickstrenk


    ...help identify.Copy or an original?The Badge of the Red Cross for Service ...1864.
  17. https://aukro.cz/vzorny-kuchar-6926825457 this badge was sold for 1350euro. Really some badges of the military quolifications are not cheap at all.
  18. I went through the division ,but I did notice this topis.Probably I did not see properly.Despite of the fact I think the topic about the Czechoslovak military badges deserves the position in GMIC.In my opinion the badges belong among the nicest military badges,still are looked for many collectors in Czech and Slovakia. Exemplary soldiers and non-commissioned officers were awarded .The bagdes were made of bronze,dimension 4,6cm X 5,1cm.For wearing the base and matrix were used-collectors try to get complete badges.Bases were both-alluminium or brass.It is nice.The description-the five-pointed emaled star put on the wreath from limb leaves,in the middle walkig lion .In the lower part is the speciality of army.21 specialities of army were issued.I do not have photos all the badges,because during past years I sold nearly 30 bagdes.So first I will show some left. 1.An exemplary driver sign truck 2.An exemplary soldier of supplies-logistic.Sign -bakery
  19. I am sure Soviets did not use the miniatures,but some foreign recipients of the Soviet medals wore the miniatures.
  20. I am not sure but I do not think the mini of the Medal for Victory over Germany is in the division.If not-here you are. On the ribbon-2cm. On the needle-1cm. Compare with the size of the Czechoslovak medals in the board.
  21. nickstrenk

    Turkish Liyakat medal

    The medal was sent to Poland,a member of GMIC-forum liked it so he decided to buy it.
  22. Vojtech Lintner-For Valour Ján Prn -For Combat Merit
  23. 1.For Valour-these medals were bestoved after 1965 to antifascists who took part in the fight against Nazi Germany 2.For Combat Merit
  24. nickstrenk

    where is this medal from

    Czechoslovakia-To the Member of the Antiwar Revolt. It belongs to the 1st resistance.From aluminium-guilted. https://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/115187/Pametni-medaile-Svazu-protifasistickych-bojovniku-ucastnikum-protivalecne-vzpoury-1918 Some more information here and the exact title.
  25. R.I.P. I am sorry I have not read his works,but I am a fan of Bulgarian orders and medals,especially of pre-socialist period.