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  1. looking for ID from this person from Bayern. on backside pencil name???
  2. Belgium Off. 3 stars on coller Leopold 1 orde ; Militair Cross ; Orde from St-Stanislaus ; Pruische Crownorde ; Frans jozef orde : Orde from Christ Portugal. backside from picture pencil name
  3. far right german general a think
  4. 1918: marine-generaloberarts 1944: marine-generalarts ( flottenarts) + 1964 90years
  5. belgium leopold II comandeur orde not with the awards
  6. can you help my with information from this officer? thank you
  7. thank you do you have some more info?
  8. pegasus1831

    Belgian Korea Medals

    thank you.
  9. men with the medal French?? and look at the men with the dagger insigne one the arm