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  1. men with the medal French?? and look at the men with the dagger insigne one the arm
  2. Belgian Soldier Medals Group

    SAS member
  3. Andreas Kieber (Mauren) from the armee of 80 men that stopt in 1868 died at 19/04/1939 at 95 j
  4. always citations with the medals
  5. Belgian Soldier Medals Group

    belgium soldier with russian medal front- and backside
  6. Belgian Soldier Medals Group

    1. from Korea Veteran 1 Sgt. Goris 1Btl. Para-comando 2. SAS member Vermeulen stamnr.1295 3. from Albert Janssen from Antwerp 4. Onknown sas member Jeukens
  7. Belgian Korea Medals

    belgium group from a Sgt. with the Para's