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  1. Great !!! very interesting and rare order !!! congratulation 🍷
  2. very nice Item from Paul Telge https://wannenesgroup.com/lots/468-2640-miniatura-in-smalto-con-cornice-in-argento-berlino-fine-del-xix-secolo-firmata-e-bastanier-orafo-p-telge/# but very expensive for me …
  3. Hi Peter, for 1906 y. correct crown, this type was in use before 1908 off top ( but very nice Item )
  4. Order 3rd class with box and document sold in France. 1906 y. Bad picture , but Nice crown
  5. Do you see some hallmark on the loop of order ? It’s can to be french production. Not romanian
  6. Sorry, I don’t have better pictures . I take picture from film from YouTube few years ago. I think this medalsbar from Museum
  7. Dear Tifes, Dear Enzo Thank You very much !!! 🍷 I have some copy 😃😱
  8. This cross sold few years ago in Ausrtia But wat about another cross - it’s copy or 1930’s production ?
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