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  1. Hi Graf, Thank you for pictures !!! Hier few pictures of officers with St. Alexander order IV class , see please size of cross
  2. Yes, this one 👍 May be you can make best quality pictures ? 🍷
  3. Hi Graf, Thank you for pictures ! may be you can post good pictures of your ubergross St. Alexander IV Class from Battenberg period ?! Your friend have very nice collection, but I remember GC with swords over cross and don’t like this set. Crown with swords not from GC, I think from neck order - 2nd or 3rd class
  4. I have few orders from Osipov and few from Wondra ( Darmstadt ) and my new toy - GC from Scheid
  5. Great ! Thank you for sharing . very rare order V class for foreigners - only 200-300 was produced . pure silver 👍
  6. these two from british museums Admiral Beatty feldmarshal Allenby
  7. Only polish order belong to Capitain Ionescu. order Mihael the Brave “for picture”
  8. Help with information please !!!🍷 I’m try to find information about Căpitan Vasile Ionescu , receive ordinul „Mihai Viteazul” în Primul Război Mondial In 1922 y. Major, receive polish order Virtuti Militari with number 9715
  9. Little pictures http://bedo.hu/index.php?azon=archiv&kkod=0&akod=16&asor=2&list_meret=500&list_kezd=0
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