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    Interested in rarer Finnish orders. Dont hesitate to contact) jamipe@hotmail.com

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  1. Hello Johan! So what kind of cross did you buy? Curious to see.....)
  2. Ah, that would be really nice to see........even tough it will be killing me:))))
  3. Nice looking cross!!! And in very good condition!!! Did you find it from Finland or Sweden?
  4. Hello Johan! I know it is getting harder. Here in Finland was sold some months ago breast star of grand cross of Liberty cross. I dont remember if it was with swords. But hammer price was over 6000 euros. I have not had any luck with Liberty crosses recently....... But curious to see what have bought!
  5. Hello! Its bit silent here......nothing is going on?
  6. JanneP

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Thank you for the advices.
  7. Thank you for the information!
  8. JanneP

    Imperial Russian Shoulder board collection

    Hi, I have been interested in imperial russian shoulderboards. Can anyone recommend any good book (in english) for more information? And how to see the differences between original and fake? And is there any sites/sellers who regularly sell imperial russian shoulderboards?
  9. Hei Johan! Thank you very much for your answer and link! That list I didnt found earlier. Do you know if the badge of the Knight grand cross is similar to the same normal Sword badge? I tried to find pictures of that but no luck so far.
  10. Hi, I have tried to find more information about especially Swedish war time award "Knight Grand Cross" (in swedish Riddare med stora korset) or "Knight Grand Cross First Class" (in swedish Riddare med stora korset av första klass ). Is there any list of list of recipients and datums even in swedish? And has been ever in public sale the order with brilliants?
  11. Really nice looking! I might be unpolite but if you ever consider selling it I am interested in.
  12. Hi! Impressed about that breast star! Is there any stamps, like any alphabet and number? And sorry. I am learning how to use this site. Everything here is new for me
  13. Hi! really nice medals! I have tried to also collect cross of liberties. JohanH you mentioned earlier that you were offered to buy 1918 grand cross. Do you know if it is still for sale? I tried to send message about it but it didnt work.