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  1. I've found it. The signature "PM" is for Percy Metcalfe. He also designed the George Cross. The signature "W.G." of the Jubilee Medal 1935 is for Sir William Goscombe John. Dirk
  2. Hello! I have received the Coronation Medal 1937. On the obverse is the signature "PM". Who is this? They can help? Is on the Coronation Medal 1953 also a signature on the obverse? Thanks! Dirk
  3. Great Badges! Question: There was a badge of Topographic School? Thanks!
  4. karnet

    Order of Alexander Nevsky

    Here are picture from all new Russian Orders and Medals: http://www.rg.ru/2010/09/15/nagrady-dok.html Dirk
  5. Number 13 and 15 correctly. Dirk
  6. Hello! Here is a article about the Medal from this book
  7. Hello! Post #1 is a great ribbon bar! I think, number 8 is the "Commemorative Medal of the 1st Revolutions Regiment National Guard Prague" from 1945 Dirk
  8. Hello ringo! Number 12 is not a UN-Medal - It is the Decoration of Honour Command Joint Chiefs of Staff from Italy Dirk
  9. I have found number 12 http://www.esercito.difesa.it/root/uniformi/nastrini.asp
  10. With this exelent Ribbon-Bar site: http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/cintas/index.htm Here ist a picture of the National Order of Dahomey (Benin) from OMSA Medal Database
  11. Hello! I have two numbers: 7. Hungary: Order of Merit (Commander) 9. Benin: National Order (Officer) Dirk
  12. Hello! I have two numbers: 7. Hungary: Order of Merit (Commander) 9. Benin: National Order (Officer) Dirk
  13. Hello! Award from "Koeniglich-Saechsischer-Militaer-Vereins-Bund" http://ksmvb.gmxhome.de/pages/start_0001pag.html