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  1. Alexander Kunstmann

    Unknown Afghan Medals - Can you ID them?

    In the center - the medal "Vartiya" of the royal period of the sample of 1960. On the right - the medal "For Good Service" of the Soviet period. Left - The Fighter for Freedom Medal of the Islamic Society of Afghanistan
  2. Alexander Kunstmann

    Question about Afghan Order of Leader?

    1. 1884 2.8 3. This information is wrong. P.S. If you ask this question, it is still too early to write a book. Especially a book about Afghan Awards is ready and will be published soon.
  3. Alexander Kunstmann

    Photo or picture about Afghan Order of the Supreme Sun

    All? That will be difficult! I know 14 types from the Order 1 class, but only 2 from the Order 2 class.
  4. Alexander Kunstmann

    AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    I can offer you in exchange for other medals ore orders of Afghanistan?
  5. Alexander Kunstmann

    unknown medal from Afghanistan

    Medal was established in 1992 the party Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami "(Ahmad Shah Massoud, Rabbani) for the award have distinguished themselves mujahideen. It was made a large batch of medals. Rewarding is now. There are many undistinguished. On the obverse of the year of 1348 (1969) - the year of foundation of the Islamic movement "- the predecessor of the Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami. On the reverse: top: Jihad left: World Right: Resistance bottom: Freedom
  6. Alexander Kunstmann

    Do you know this afghan medal ?

    Your friend has worked in the company "PanAm"?
  7. Alexander Kunstmann

    Do you know this afghan medal ?

    These medals are sold?
  8. Alexander Kunstmann

    AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    I can change. In my own collection of more than 300 orders and medals from Afghanistan. Also there are many duplicates.
  9. Alexander Kunstmann

    AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    These medals are sold?