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  1. AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    I can offer you in exchange for other medals ore orders of Afghanistan?
  2. unknown medal from Afghanistan

    Medal was established in 1992 the party Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami "(Ahmad Shah Massoud, Rabbani) for the award have distinguished themselves mujahideen. It was made a large batch of medals. Rewarding is now. There are many undistinguished. On the obverse of the year of 1348 (1969) - the year of foundation of the Islamic movement "- the predecessor of the Hezb-e Jamiat-e Islami. On the reverse: top: Jihad left: World Right: Resistance bottom: Freedom
  3. Do you know this afghan medal ?

    Your friend has worked in the company "PanAm"?
  4. Do you know this afghan medal ?

    These medals are sold?
  5. AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    I can change. In my own collection of more than 300 orders and medals from Afghanistan. Also there are many duplicates.
  6. AFGHANISTAN: "Anti-Aircraft Medal"

    These medals are sold?