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  1. Help needed - japan badge

    Thank you for your fast help.
  2. Help needed - japan badge

    Hello Gents, I need some help about this Japanese badge/medal. What can it be? The ribbon looks like the ribbon of the Order of The Rising Sun, but the badge is different. Is it an association badge/medal or something else? Thank you for your help. Regards, Balazs
  3. Hello Jannis, IMO the multiple award bar and the ribbon looks like a modern copy. These ribboons used to be late 20st century copies. The medal is a very nice original bravery medal. Regards, Balazs
  4. Legion of Honor Monarchy of July question

    Bison, Thank you for your great help. I have found an interesting book, which is available online, maybe it will useful to someone:" Histoire générale des ordres de chevalerie, civils et militaires, existant en Europe ; Empire français ; Légion d'honneur" from 1811, by Nicolas Viton de Saint Allais https://archive.org/details/bub_gb_L04MAQAAMAAJ Regards, Balazs
  5. Legion of Honor Monarchy of July question

    I am a beginner in collecting Legion of Honor. I found some books about this order, but I do not know which is the best source if I would like to learn about the types, maufacturers and characteristics of the award. Which is the for a collector? Can you please give me some advise? Thanks, Balazs
  6. Gold Merit Cross with Crown

    The link: http://medals.extra.hu/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=567
  7. Gold Merit Cross with Crown

    Of course:-). Unfortunately not the best photos. I have posted it in a topic on medals.extra.hu, but the forum doesn't work now, so I can't be able the insert the link now.
  8. Gold Merit Cross with Crown

    It looks like as a funeral piece, I have a FJO knight's cross which manufacture is similar to it.
  9. What do you think, is it possible that this RAF uniform is from the early post WW2 era (1950s) or a later manufacture? Thanks for help. Regards, Balazs
  10. Thanks Bill for the information. I thought that the colour of the lining is helpful for dating a tunic. The red silk lining is a very interesting info. Balazs
  11. Hi Bill, Thanks for your help. It is a great info, I am not worried about the button in the future. As I see, the inside is grey on the later tunics probably from the 60s, before it was blue? Could it be another crucial point on dating a tunic? Balazs
  12. Hi Bill, Thanks for your help and fo the links! I thought I have to be aware with the bottom button, because it can be easily change to a standard button. What do you think it frequent? Yes, it has the belt, it is hanging from the back side. I am before the purchase now but I would like to be sure that it is an early post war uniform. Thanks, Balazs
  13. The belt is sewn on, fixed to the back of the tunic, the tunic has Kings Crowns buttons, the inside is made of blue silk. The inside of the trousers is white.
  14. What do you think is there any possibility to attach a name to the tunic? Unfortunately the taylor's label is missing. I tried to put a name to it but I haven't got any access to databases, books which could help. I thought CB, CBE, and the North Africa Star with the No. 8 attachment could help. Thanks, Balazs
  15. Thanks! I hope it too. What do you think is it possible that the MID is equivalent to the V-device on various US awards?
  16. Thanks for your help! I thought the CB-CBE pair is possible for the top row because both ribbon has the same width. The 2 MID's and The Africa Star with the 8th Army attachment could help to find the original owner, but my search wasn't successful, although I haven't got any access to regiment or other histories which can help... Thanks, Balazs
  17. Is there any possibility to tell the age of this epaulette? Thanks, Balazs
  18. Shams, Thanks for your great help! Regards, Balazs
  19. Gents, This ribbon bar is on a uniform of a Major General. The first two ribbons are CB and CBE or CB and OBE? What do you think? These are 38 mms wide. Thanks, Balazs
  20. James, Thanks for your help! The first two ribbons are 38 mms wide, both wider than the others. Unfortunately I haven't got information about the original owner, but I hope I can narrow down the search. Cheers, Balazs
  21. Thanks for your great help. Regards, Balazs
  22. Shams, Thanks for your help. I haven't got any idea about of which division or arm is from. Regards, Balazs
  23. Clive, Lukasz, Thank you for your great help and for the link of the database, I am starting the search. Hopefully I can find something. This is a great and enjoyable task I like these puzzles. Thare is also a possibility for this ribbon bar is not the last one so it can be an intermeditae stage. I have checked the tunic, there is no hole for a star on the pocket. Thanks, Balazs
  24. Hi Christophe, In my opinion the wreath was a widely used universal attachment for MVM and MVK3KD too. There were several other methods to denote which medal is it. There were cheaper methods like this one and expensive ones, for example the embroidered wreathes and miniatures. Regards, Balazs