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  1. murat2010

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Here Here
  2. murat2010

    Find from Turkey

    Dear Members, They are beautiful medals and of exceptional quality, in regards to ember Avsar Ibar, he is a true professional and passionate about his work, i too purchased a rather rare piece in outstanding condition. Regards to you all Murat
  3. murat2010

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Dear Demir Abi, I Knew u would like it aswell, thank you for kind assesment. Secondly Linas with the order of which i posess look at the alignment of the star between the rays, the ray cannot have a crescent and star combination located on it, the ray of the breast star must have this crescent star combination at both its right and its left legs, not on it. Regards to every1
  4. murat2010

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Dear Avsar Abi Thank your for your assesment. Always with regards.
  5. murat2010

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Hello my friends, Would Mr Avsar or Mr Demir evaluate my breast star as i am eager to make sure it is an original. I purchased it from a dealer in Germany, not from our favourite web site. It is worthy to note that this breast star also has a sash badge with light green stripes which are pre WW1. Thank you Murat
  6. murat2010


    The example on the left is amazing Demir Abi, thank you once again.
  7. murat2010


    Hello Infantry, Your right it does say El Gazi, i believe that the Ottoman Sultan who commisioned the TWM ( Sultan V Mehmed Han) also went by the title of Gazi. Not 100% sure, but maybe Demir Abi Or Avsar Abi can validate that. Regards Murat
  8. murat2010

    TWM Prices?

    Hello Tim, Unlike youself i do not sit in front of a computer making snide remarks at people and questioning their integrity, i should say that you lose your cockiness when adressing people, you might actually make some friends that way. As i have stated i had contacted the seller about retracting my bid however there was no response to this, so i let it go, and then yes i did not pay for it. As i had fallen ill and have been in hospital i could not attend to my matters for some time (this being the day after i posted a response to you thread), and now that i have been out pf hospital, i went to ebay to rectify this issue and i have been exonerated. And another thing if you look closely at the thread i did not in any way deny that it was me, nor did i attack people for paying high prices, my thread included ann attack on sellers who deliberately advertise for higher than value prices and other sellers using them as a reference to jip people. Like i said i do not have to prove myself to you or to anyone, i have a good name with many people and i do not care for people like yourself attacking my integrity. So in closing i do not care if you "buy my story" or not, i didnt have to say anything but i did, so you can go back to your corner and eagerly think of a way to attack my word. regards Murat ps. get the timeline right sunshine
  9. murat2010

    TWM Prices?

    Hello All, Seeing as though Tim B has gone on a attack about this guy, there is no need to wait in defending myself. It was me, however, i have not said anything about this till now, as i have been waiting for replies from ebay in regards to this matter. In relation to said item, i had put a bid of $99 dollars for this item as i was not prepared to pay more than that. The system had registered an max bid from myself of $999, and despite several requests from the seller to retract my bid i had no response and the system registered me as the winning bidder at six hundred odd dollars.Ebay has recently contacted me in regards to this matter and has agreed that i was not in the wrong and did my best to rectify this mistake, that is why there is no negative feedback for this item. So in future Tim B if you have concerns about my dealings i should suggest that you address them directly to me, to find out what really happened. I have nothing to hide from anyone, i do not 'jack up' prices for the sake of screwing others around, in all my transactions in the past i have payed for items i have won the very next day, except for two items because i was hospitalised for some time, and the sellers were quite happy to wait. That being said i have many references from leading auction houses throughout the world, and my transactions with them have been more than amicable. That being said, i understand how people can be pissed of by bidders who only bid to screw people, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. Best of regards to everyone, good day and salutations. Murat
  10. murat2010

    TWM Prices?

    Hey guys, i think i just saw that same TWM again up for auction on ebay.
  11. Vey tired from work, looking for auctions to bid on.

  12. murat2010

    TWM Prices?

    I too have beenn quite upset at the ridiculous prices being asked and payed for for some items that are way higher than their current market value. (Mind you i said market value, as i as a collector believe these pieces to be priceless sentimenally). Not naming any sites, there is one particular site that is asking for ridiculous prices in the way of Ottoman orders and medals, and other sellers are using his prices to stir up false knowledge when pitching to a potential buyer. Where does it end, well my friends , friends of similar values and like minds are all that are needed. (A few good Gentleman). with regards Murat
  13. murat2010

    A red Osmanie order, what do you think?

    Yeah your right i've heard some pretty unsavoury stuff about this site. Also check out the Osmaniye order on the same site, the one with the fake looking enamel, tell us what you think. With regards Murat
  14. murat2010

    A red Osmanie order, what do you think?

    dont be sorry, i'm not, ive never seen a red Osmaniye Order before, looks dodgy!