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English pilots in Sweden 1940

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Hi Christoffer!

Thats so cool! Thanks for letting me know. I've told my Dad about this so he may be responding to you as he knows a bit more about what happened to my grandfather when he was in Sweden than I do (I mostly know some small stories). I'm not sure we know too much about what happened to Mr Wigginton though, he was an officer so my grandfather wasn't really allowed to meet up with him when they were in the prisoner of war camp, but I'll see what my Dad says.

Ps. Its my grandfather's birthday this week and he's turning 94 so this was a perfect time for a message, Thanks!!


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Hi, its been a while!

I've been a doing a bit of genealogy work on my grandfather's side of the family and just thought I would update this in case anyone was still around. My grandfather passed away last year in March, a couple months shy of his 95th birthday from pneumonia. He hadn't been very lucid in the past few years as he was suffering from Alzheimer's, but he was always cheerful and laughed a lot.  And although it was pretty hard losing him, it was amazing to look back on his life and see all the adventures he had. So thanks to everyone who participated in this thread, its nice to know that part of my grandfather's story is still around!


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Hi Rebbecka , 

Sad to hear that the old gentleman passed away but at least he had a long life.

This was an amazing story , beginning with a simple photo taken by a Swedish witness in 1940 and now almost after 80 years the story lives on ....

By the way I will travel to Canada in April for a work meeting ( Ottawa ) never been there so hopefully the weather will be OK so I can see something of the city.

and as they say " Old Pilots never die , they just fly away " 

I enclose the original photo which started the thread in a better scan and also the backside which I never shown before.

The translation of the Swedish text is "  22 Sept 1940 Sunday 09.30 these Englishman flew over Holme and had to make an emergency landing at the old bridge, they had been to Norway and bombed at night " 

" one of them is 21 year and the other 20 " 









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