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Christian L

... wrong device and wrong ribbon ... or how would it make sense ...

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Got this 7 place ribbonbar today and i'm quiet confident about its originality - regarding the construction and everything.

But the ribbons and devices ...

- EK 2

- Houseorder of Hohenzollern (wrong device missing its crown, as there is no Campaignmedal makeing a Crown Order/ Red Eagle Order with Swords likely)

- Oldenburg (Noncombattant Friedrich August Cross???? for a EK2 and HoH combattant having a Frontfighercross?)

- Frontfighterscross

- Long Service Decoration for 25 Years Officer / 20 Years Landwehr Officer

- Centenial Medal

- Austrian MVK with Swords

... so what are your thought on that one?

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there are some more possibilities on that ribbon - not only noncom Oldenburg...

What about a (a bit odd) combination of his blue DA with a Württemberg DA ?

Or it can be a Oldenburg Gendamerie DA ....

Or - ok not often seen - a Ernst August Orden of Hannover....

all is better than a Oldenburg noncom... ;) :whistle:

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I'm not sure WHAT to think of this. If the Austro-Hungarian ribbon didn't have Xs... I'd think something like a rear area type with a "Kriegsverdienst in der Heimat" Iron Cross and a retirement present Crown Order X.

But this may have been simple carelessness with the devices.

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Hi Christian,

Interresting ribbon bar you have found. For me there is no problem about the second ribbon with swords only for the Hohenzollern ribbon. A lot of Saxon officers didn't put the crown on their Hohenzollern ribbon, just swords (I have already show this ribbon bar but it's still a good example).

The only bad new is about the Oldenburg ribbon. Why a non combattant ribbon and a ribbon of iron cross for combattant ? It look strange.

Perharps our man was a.D at the beginning of the war and he received this medal with non combattant ribbon just before beeing activated. And it can explain why he received then the iron cross for combattant and most important the Hohenzollern knight cross with X.

I have no explanation for that.

About the Austrian ribbon, I prefer seeing wreath on that ribbon that swords, just my two cents.


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Thanks for your thoughts!

Was rather sure about the HoH, but had difficulties with the Oldenburg Noncombattant - the a.D. would explain it - as nothing else i can imagine off.

For the Austrian Decoration i would be more "happy" with a wreath - though after in specting it again closely - its definately been there for more than a few years. (Probably the wreath as a War Decoration in Austrian-Hungaria, Bulgaria, Croatia ... was not that understandable for the guy, why he asked for swords).


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