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Stülpnagel, Carl-Heinrich von (Valkyrie)

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General der Infanterie Carl-Heinrich von Stülpnagel

Born: 2nd Jan 1886

Died: 30th Aug 1944 - executed at Plötzensee Prison for his role in the Valkyrie Plot, leading an attempted coup in Paris which was initially successful.

Oberquartiermeister II - Generalstab des Heeres

Oberquartiermeister I

Kommandierender General II Armee-Korps

Vorsitzender - 'Waffenstillstandskommission in Frankreich'

Oberbefehlshaber 17.Armee

Militärbefehlshaber in Frankreich

Ritterkreuz - 21st Aug 1941

DKiS - 14th Feb 1944

Image: EK II citation

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The two cousins Von Stülpnagel were successive Military Commander of France (first Otto and then Carl-Heinrich). So which Von Stülpnagel signed these documents?


Geboren: 02-01-1886, Berlin

Hingerichtet: 27-02-1944, Plötzensee

01-10-35 Gen.Maj.

01-10-37 Gen.Lt.

01-04-39 Gen.d.Inf.

13-02-42 / 20-07-44 Milit.Bef.Frankreich


Geboren: 16-06-1878, Berlin

Freitod: 06-02-1946, Gefängnis in Paris

01-02-29 Gen Maj.

01-02-31 Gen.Lt.

01-10-36 Gen.d.Flieger

01-12-40 umbenannt in Gen.d.Inf.

25-10-40 / 31-01-42 Milit.Bef.Frankreich

31-01-42 Mob.Verw. aufgehoben

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Both signatures belong to Carl-Heinrich. Otto never commander II Armeekorps and by the date on your citation, Otto was in the Führer-Reserve/retired.

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