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Major Beling.

Highest rank reached: Oberst

Kommandeur Wehrbezirkskommando Bad Kreuznach (held position as both a Major in 1936 and as an Oberst in 1944)

Image: Wehrpass

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Extra information provided by Dave Danner - Forename added to title.

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Ludwig Heinrich Beling, born 21.11.1883 in Frankfurt am Main. Entered service on 28.7.02 as a Fahnenjunker in 4. Badisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 66. Served in World War I in FAR 66 and RFAR 57 (Kdr. II./RFAR 57 from 8.6.17 to 28.12.18). Retired as a char. Maj. in 1920. Returned to duty in 1934 and retired again on 31.1.36, only to be called back on 1.6.36 as Kdr. WBK Kreuznach. Oberstleutnant on 1.3.39 (13) and Oberst on 1.2.42 (50). Transferred to the Führerreserve on 1.10.44 and retired yet again on 31.12.44.

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A little bit more: his last officer evaluation report mentions that he had leukemia.

Also, his older sister, Maria Elisabeth (Else) Epstein, née Beling, was a politician in the German Democratic Party (DDP) and married to Dr. Wilhelm Epstein, a Jewish scientist and like her a Frankfurt Stadtverordneter. Dr. Epstein died or was killed in 1941, and she was in Ravensbrück concentration camp from 1942 to 1943. After the war, she was one of the founders of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

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