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Hello all. This Silver Valor medal was awarded to Henry Forrest for his actions during the Great War. There are something's about this medal that I'm not 100% convinced about. It's known that veterans bought copy's of their awards until presented with the real deal, but this copy doesn't have any hall marks on it. Now the engraving. I'm no expert, but I've never seen a half script Half print engraving. Also a friend of mine pointed out that the engraving isn't even centered. Another thing that's suspicious is the date, note that there is no year. Just the month and day. Yet in the discriptipn it mentions the year. Even in the discriptipn it fails to mention his status as an ace. I'm no expert, but for thoese who are interested in something like this, please use caution. And if I'm completely wrong, good luck to the bidders.



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Technically, the crowned Z means it came out of the Royal Mint. Other Mints are private manufactures. S&J and Zecca still make medals to this day. But the Z hallmark means that it's government issued.

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