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Looking for Assistance with Family History Project...WWI at a personal level

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For the last few years I have been researching my family members' involvement in WWI as part of investigating my general family history. It started with a couple of mystery pictures and developed into many books and lots of data. I figured that the best way to preserve what I've learned and present it to other family members would be to make a documentary focusing on each member, his respective unit and it's experiences in the war. I figure that these may be of interest to others, so I'm planning on publicly posting them onto Youtube. Rather than just having me drone on in my bland Connecticut valley accent, I'd like to recruit some people to act as voice actors for the documentaries, to read the memoirs of the different people who were with, or around my relative and their unit.

My initial video will be about a relative who was in the German Seebatallion in Flanders and the Somme. I'm estimating that I've got enough material for over an hour of video, so about 5 different 15 minute segments. Here's a brief trailer that I made up to try-out the video editing software and see how things might go together.

The actual finished video will be centered on the voice-overs of the different people, with video and stills aligned with what each person is describing. I've also got sound clips of actual Mausers, Lee-Enfields, etc. as well as artillery (both outgoing and incoming) that I'll add to provide color. Future videos will cover relatives of mine who were in the Gastruppen and the German Cavalry.

I still need 1 French voice, and 3 German voices. The German parts range from a long part to a brief part.

The total time commitment is no more than a couple of hours (depending on the length of the part and how slowly you read).

Disclaimer: This is strictly an educational exercise. No one (including me) is being compensated for this project.

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Cor, impressive - what a great idea.

Can't help you with any voiceovers though my French and German accents are rubbish. My "Bonjour" is the same as Vinny Jones' one :P

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