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Hello I am trying to determine what a book I came across might be worth. the name of the book is British and Foreign orders, War Medals, and Decorations by A A Payne L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S. a mouthful it was by subscription . Printed in 1911. I think this info is correct. The book is only in fair condition its all there the front and rear covers are trying to come loose . I have taped the covers with cloth tape I have a few photo's i will put up as soon as I can.and thank you for looking,Ray.

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Payne's book is a classic in the British medal collecting field, but the damage is substantial for book collectors. Also, the book was reprinted in the UK in 1981, so most collectors interested already have a copy. A damaged original should bring about what a VF condition reprint brings -- $35-50.

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