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Only a small snippet regarding to the ODM of Guinea-Bissau:

"Decoration Award by the State of Guinea-Bissau to the Secretary for Administrative Decentralization of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, His Excellency Dr. Tomás do Rosário Cabral, with the Medal of the Order of Merit, Cooperation and Development, for the valuable services rendered to the Guinean Nation, during period of Political Transition."


(Source: https://timorguinea.wordpress.com/)

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A not unattractive order.  Do you have any information at all on what the recipeint did to earn the award?  I suspect some members would also be interested in who makes the orders and whether or not their are multiple grades.

Thank you for your post.


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Thanks, Peter.
Referring to the mentioned website Dr. Cabral was awarded the Order of Merit, Cooperation and Development for "his valuable contribution in the support given to the electoral process of this brotherly country".
Just keeping in mind that Guinea-Bissau and Timor-Leste are former portuguese colonies with probably similar challenges after independence.

Sorry, I have no further informations about possible manufacturers or classes of this order.
Informations on ODM of Guinea-Bissau are extremly hard to find. I was glad to found the posted picture.

Any additions to the ODM of Guinea-Bissau are very welcomed. Thanks in advance!

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Below please find a link to an official regulation concerning the military medals of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau (dated August 2014). Very interesting informations and b/w illustrations.


Article  62

The insignias of the individual medals referred in this regulation are used on the left side of the chest, according to the following order of precedence in relation to other national and foreign decorations:

1) National Order of Amilcar Cabral (the competence of the president of the republic) / ordem nacional de amilcar cabral (da competencia do presidente da republica)

2) National Order of the Hills of Boé (the competence of the president of the republic) / ordem nacional das colinas de boé (da competencia do presidente da republica)

3) Medal of Military Valor / medalha de valor militar

4) Medal War Cross / medalha da cruz de guerra

5) Medal of Distinguished Services / medalha de servicos distintos

6) Medal of Military Merit / medalha de merito militar

7) Exemplary Behavior Medal / medalha de comportamento exemplar

8) Medal of promoted made by different campaigning / medalha dos promovidos por feitos distintos em campanha

9) Medal of the wounded in campaign / medalha dos feridos em campanha

10) Recognition medal / medalha de reconhecimento

11) Commemorative Medal Campaigns / medalha comemorativa das campanhas


12) Commemorative Medal of Special service commissions / medalha comemorativa de comissoes de servico especiais

13) Other national honors, their precedence is determined by the chronological order of their institution / outras condecoracoes nacionais, sendo a respectiva precedencia determinada pela ordem cronologica da sua instituicao


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Interesting. They've COMPLETELY preserved the Portuguese design.

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Fascinating. As Taras says, very Portuguese in appearance!

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Hello Gentlemen, 

Here is the better photo of the Ordem Nacional de Colinas de Boe, awarded to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

Sometimes a photo, even not as its best is better than nothing.


Guinea Bissau Colinas de Boe Medal 2010.jpg

Edited by heusy68

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