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Goodbye Cobber or Journeys End

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This is a 1/16th mostly scratch built model of an Australian infantryman saying goodbye to a fallen comrade. It was inspired by e-mail conversations with Tony Dawe, a medal-winning Australian painter, whose relatives fought in Gallipoli and on the Western Front during WW1. Tony painted the model both with attention to historical accuracy and detail and a marvelous eye for color and took all the photos.

Hope you like it!

All the best,






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For an Australian this is a very evocative scene.    As with Canada and South Africa at some point in WW1 most houses flew a flag of mourning  -  the death toll was just so high

Personally, I can think of several Aussie museums who would welcome being able to put it on show.    Thankyou.    Mervyn

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Thanks very much Mervyn! 

The piece is in Australia now because it was a gift for Tony.  I could possibly put you in touch with him if you want to pursue putting it in a museum.  I would be most honored.

All the best,

Dan Morton, Maj, USAF, BSC, CIH (Retired)


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