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TS Allen

Early Napoleonic "Reproductions"

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A truly lovely thing!  Thanks for sharing.  I have seen the photos from the '50s and recall wondering about the unifroms - in great shape for the 40 year old souvenirs of a defeated army, I thought, but I know nothing of French uniforms and didn't pursue the thought.  Glad to see an expert such as yourself chime in on them. :)


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Here's another fascinating set! Sadly I don't think I will be able to add it to my collection but want to add it to this thread for reference.


It was worn by the cavalry of Württemberg for the 1906 centenary celebrations. It is marked just like any other German military uniform from that period. Some photos of these in wear are included.


According to the dealer, it includes original parts. I think the shako plate is original. I have seen an identical shako for sale in the US, but without the plate.


Photos remain (c) Militaria-Online. The uniform is currently on offer at: http://www.militaria-online.de/artikelnr_3230








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