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  1. Well ,if you prefers, His Royal Highness conducted with oportunity and energy the Forces under his command that retook Ft Doaumont .
  2. Hello, Could be Prince Franz of Bavaria 1875 1957, third son of KIng Ludwig, In May 1916,he was commander of the 4th Bavarian Infantry Brigade in Verdun . He reconquered Ft Doaumont .
  3. Hello , Bavarian Gendarmerie Wachtmeister is a possibility. year? It could be 1913 or 1920
  4. arb und Grey C , In the German Empire ,a Federal Empire , existed four Kingdoms,Prussia Bavaria Saxony and Wurtemberg . each with the respective King. But existed also the Great Duchies , Baden Hesse Darmstadt, Mecklenburg Schwerin and Mecklenburg Strelitz , Saxe Weimar and Oldenburg. each with their Great Duke ,Gross herzog , that counts as a Sovereign. existed five Duchies and seven Principalties ,each with a Duke or a Prince , and finally there were three Free Cities , Hamburg Lubeck and Bremen that were Republics with a President of the Senat ,at the head. contrary to whar arb thinks in the German Empire the Grossherzogin of Hesse counted as a Sovereign .
  5. Hello, very well made to be a fashion item ,and the Royal Crown was not a trivial symbol .
  6. Hello, Strange one, appears as a Royal Navy officers cap badge, but It lacks the anchor into the oval . Officers of the RNVR and the RNR both weared the anchor , and surmounted with the letters RNR or RNVR ,
  7. Hello, the last pic shows a Field Officer of the Garde Jaeger . The uniform appears to be a Kunftige Friedensuniform , and the transversal stripes under the Shoulderboards denotes a retired officer,
  8. Hello Sajkaca, very interesting pieces ! and scarse I believe. thanks for share Emperor Nicholas was frequently portrayed wearing the Cossack uniform, He always beared the rank of Colonel , In which Museum are the uniforms of Nicholas II ?
  9. John , Its a curious medal . It reads Cisarevich , and Cisarievna, that is Zarevich and Zarievna, Crown Prince and Crown Princess , but not their names, The efigies of both saids that
  10. The Maltese in the German Empire were nucleated into two associations .one in Rhineland Westphalia the other in Silesia .
  11. Grey C ,The Gentleman wears the Field uniform used during WW1 by high grade Knights of the German Priorate of the Order, the Austro Hungarians used distinct uniforms ,
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