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  1. Gentlemen , When WW1 began some officers wear plain collar patches on the collar of the 1907 1910 Fielduniform . General Staff officers ,carmine plain patches, Medical officers ,dark blue plain patches piped red , Juridical officers ,light blue piped red and Paymasters officers ,dark blue piped white . finally Veterinarians wear plain crimson patches . and crimson piping of the SBs . but never i noticed about Infantry or field or foot artillery wearing plain collar patches with 1907 1910 field uniform . probably the Painter embellished the uniform of his client , and not all the Artists know necessary much about uniforms
  2. Offizierstellvertreter with uniform of the first year of WW1 ? bright lace on collar and SBs ,the monogram perhaps the W crowned with the Imperial crown , BIR number 6 Kaiser Wilhelm konig von Preussen . no Bavarian Borte on collar
  3. Yes . his position as Adj OK von Hindenburg dont implied the wear of a Special uniform ,
  4. Trooper, many thanks for the link ! a pre view said to me that IS addictive . Craig : Servitore !
  5. The first pic is rather sinister ,or not ? respect to the second , interesting the pole on the sleigh .
  6. Deruelle ,you are insatiable ! Em , really no other belts ?
  7. Hello ,the helm looks pretty original but a detail is interesting .usually the Polish eagle was paited in white over red over the helms . for some reason that you must question to the owner ,here the eagle is not painted but merely outlined in red .
  8. Hello ,I found that the pic is from 1912 and between December 1910 until June 1916 Major Maxwell was Military Secretary of the Viceroy Of India Lord Hardinge . then the Uniform showed must be a pattern only used by Officers of the Army appointed to the Viceroy Service The Embroidery is similar to that of the one of the Viceroys uniform coat .
  9. Interesting the last pic . two things call my atention .one the number on the helmet covers .they dont look normal . Appears if they were drawed with Ink pencil . two ,the chief of the team is a One year Volunteer
  10. Until the death of Francis Joseph I his Cypher was carried on swordknots ,cockades etc .and you can determine if the item belonged to the Austrian or Hungarian because in the Austrian the Cypher was FJ1 and in the Hungarian 1 FJ . when Kaiser Karl was crowned the monogram changed but unified in only the K .
  11. Spanish helmet modelled in the German M 1935 and denominated M42 .it was used until 1990 in certain units ,It was manufactured in the Fabrica de Armas De Trubia , also is known as Z helmet . disctintive of the Z is the steel loop on the frontal destinated to hold in parade the Army Shield ,a St John eagle
  12. Perhaps stainless steel . in any case a privately purchased item .
  13. Linasl . Some of the details of the Helmet puzzled me. One the round base for the spike. usually it was cruciform . Two the two buttons and a segment of chain over the front peak . Its incongruent . Three , the ornated reinforcment at the back is rare too. Four ,the absence of the cartouche or amazon shield below de eagle is also rare. Perhaps it is a Civil Servant helmet ,high rank
  14. Mark , The Italian Army rank stars of WW1 and WW2 were practically the same . the type that you posted . during WW1 they were carried on the Shoulder Boards until December 1915 and onwards on the cuffs . the stars were silver coloured for company Officers and Staff Officers . Gold stars were for Generals . the measure was circa 20 mm . the construction was generally of good quality . the stars on the pic appears to be of good quality . a variation was braided stars
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