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  1. On the first pic is interesting to see the Coy Full Feldwebel inspecting the cleaniness of the barrel
  2. Hello Blackcowboy BS and Utgardloki, some used to call Bavarians Dickkopf or Saukopf .but normally Piefke is reserved for Prussians or North Germans ,
  3. Hello Utgardloki ! Very amusing indeed , It was in the Austro Hungarian Empire were the Prussians were nicknamed Piefkes . by the Vienese citizens . as I was told by my Oma the thing dates of the days after the Battle of Sadowa when the Prussians entered in Vienna preceded by the Military Music conducted by Kapellmeister Gottfried Piefke playing the recently composed Koeniggraetzer Marsch.
  4. Its funny indeed but I asure you that was a extended feeling among Bavarians . Jan K Kube says that Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria mantained for His use and for those of His Adjutants the Zweipitz ,Bicorn , with full uniform
  5. I am of Bavarian ancestry and I remember my grandmother Eleonore saying : " That Prussians ! " you know Herzele (me) they are not really Germans . they are germanized tribes .
  6. Hello Chris, Superb ! Thinking about the piece of cloth , if it is of the same colour and material of the collar perhaps is a replacement collar
  7. Hello Chris , A sugerence : Enter " Kaisermanoever 1912 " and then Images , you will find some pics of Wilhelm II and his entourage . the Ueberrock is dominant with pickelhaube or lancer cap or kurassier helm among the high Staffs . all carries feldbinde and in the case of Cavalry or Artillery , shoulder belt . a minimum of decorations .
  8. Hello Chris , for more difficult the Carbine is not a 98 AZ , I dont see the L shaped stocking rod of these weapon . the Carbine on the photo appears as with a Infantry Rifle type bayonet Atachment and a brass muzzle cover. but the man is not a current musketier or fusilier etc . he carries only two Ammo pouches on a side and another on the left . No spurs , A interesting detail are the Knee Leather patches , i one amplify the pic they are visible as more glossy than the rest of the trousers
  9. The Vizefeldwebel portrayed was not a fresh recruit , perhaps he was left handed
  10. I am not obssesive with nothing. I dont know really if the Persian Cossacks Captain was Called Esaul . In the future I will avoid any comment on your posts
  11. Hello Chris ,The French Army post WW2 was equiped with a vast variety of arms, clothing,etc . it was not until the end of the War in Algeria that completely new regulations of uniformity were statuted
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