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  1. Hello, Too well made to be a fake apart of the lack of the interior lining, its perceptible that in other time the helmet beared cockades.
  2. Hello Peter, The non spotted great cat named here in Argentina ,Puma is one beast, the Jaguar also existing here is a spotted beast bigger than the Puma and the Panther . Its a Symbol of many cultures in Central and South America . the badge could be Brazilian or Mexican , for example
  3. Hello, Between 1920 and 1927 an Allied Control Comission monitored the fullfillment by Hungary of the terms contained in the Treaty Of Trianon regarding the Armed Forces allowed to the country, your gunner could had been destinated in the Commission
  4. Norman ben Nathan : Understood ! a question ,how far away under the Southern Cross ?
  5. Hello, the link posted by Prem is very interesting, I will add some quotes . The pair of SBs on the first pic are not Russian , probably are Serbian . the black, piped red SB is from Artillery and of a senior NCO , The blue one with the Nr 108 is from the 108th Saratov Infantry Regiment ,the khaki one with Nr 108 is from the same regiment the reverse side of the blue one
  6. Hello the Cipher of Nicholas II is a latin capital H crowned and with the roman numeral II .in the second row of SBs it appears on the first one from left to right ,marked with Ink pencil, and on the third and fourth SBs on the third metallic and ond the fourth stencilled in yellow . On the lower picture appears a Full General SB , no stars , a Lieutenant General SB , a Official of General rank SB ,and a Rear Admiral Sb . Aclaration ,I tiped wrong Lieutenant General , the two stars General was Major General
  7. Its the Uniform of a Knight of the Order of Saint George. uniform because the order was a Miltary Order
  8. Hello o3fahnen, In the site Lexicon der Wehrmacht appears Lt General Max Dennerlein 1885 1957 , a Bavarian Pioniere officer his Service record is very detailed but nothing about awards . he served in WW1 , stayed in the Reichswehr and then in the Wehrmacht , Generalmajor in 1938 and Generalleutnant in 1940 , he was wounded in 1940 during the Battle of France , during 1942 he was commander of the 290 th Infantry Division trapped int the pocket of Demyansk , succesfully evacuated by the Luftwaffe, so he might wear the Demyansk Shield apart from the wounded badge
  9. My pleasure ! Norman,your Spanish is quite good
  10. Hello ,Spanish Army belt buckles were certainly made of brass and of great size but all carried on the Arm of Service badge. perhaps your buckle was made specially for the Germans
  11. In the book Der Deutsche Generalstab ,writen by Walter Gorlitz and published in 1952 the German historian explained the History and special nature of the German Great Staff from the remote origins in the XVII century to the end of WW2. with light and shadows . interesting to read by any with interest in military questions .
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