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  1. Hello , the pockets and their buttons must had have a purpose , it was not German practice to waste material for the sake of mere appareance,
  2. Hello Gentlemen , The seller of the pic saids : Photo of submarine dotation Germany WW1 1916 , Framed . its clear that although in the photo are German sailors ,are Austro Hungarian sailors too ,the two with fez and the two in white uniform ,apart from Army soldiers. so the photo was taken most probably in Pola or Cattaro ,Pul or Kotor ,
  3. All the men wears Ersatz braces for the backpack , the leather reinforcements are placed in the places of more wear Your ersatz tornister have normal leather braces ,I think that almost every type of combinations were used ; leather backpacks with canvas braces , canvas backpacks with leather braces and so on
  4. This man is Bernhard von Bulow , who later become chancellor .he was not a regular officer but a reservist one . He voluntereed in 1870 in the Hussars Regiment No 7 ,took part in combats and raised to the rank of Lieutenant .after the war he was invited to stay in the Army but he declined . as he remained reservist he raised in rank
  5. Hello ,Austro Hungarians , the man on the left certainly wears a badge on the collar patch , the man on the right dont wear even patch but he carries a officer type cockade on his cap ,both men wears the summer version of the Pike grey Field uniform ,lighter in shade than the woolen one . the pic is interesting .
  6. Very Interesting ! what a diversity of faces. If one thinks about the KuK Marine ,its natural , Germans ,Hungarians , South Slaves specially Croats and Slovenes , Poles , Czechs , Ruthenes ,Italians ,all served in the Austro Hungarian Navy.
  7. Hello ,what i could see is that the Shoulder board button is Artillery pattern , the use of Hat and not helmet or busby led me to think in a Staff officer commanding a Brigade .
  8. GdC26 ,Many thanks for share your magnificent photos! It will take to me many pleasants hours of analysis .
  9. The clarion and the standard bearer belonged to the Leibgendarmerie 1 Zug . always Wilhelm was accompanied by Leibgendarmen
  10. Hello, the Swedish cuffs reappared for the Kunftige friedensuniform of 1915 ,1916 for Bavaria . the man on the last pic wears these type
  11. Hello, the user of the kepi was a Director or Chief of Service .so he ranked as Lt Colonel or Colonel hence the Three vertical soutaches an triple trefoil on top of the kepi . the red colour of the band corresponds to Traction branch
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