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  1. Gentlemen,please forget the possible Spanish star and the Edelweiss, Guards Armoured centered the salvo, I found that at least in the NZ Army the Eight pointed star was authorized to the Quartermaster Sargent Majors as proficiency badge on top of the arm chevrons
  2. Hello,the photo is from after WW1 , date , before 1926 , von Seeckt, the Crown Prince, von Mackensen and von Hutier. the ocassion , some parade of the Stalhelm
  3. I will say again the same, von Plessen was a General but was also courtier and Generaladjutant to the Kaiser. Always he was next to the Emperor including during William visits to other Monarchs , then , he received decorations or Orders most for Diplomatic or Politics skills. William II was a constant voyager either inside the Empire or out of It
  4. Hello, von Plessen was first of all a Courtier in the Entourage of William II . He and other members of the Military entourage of the Kaiser , Admiral v Muller and the equally Amiral von Sender Bibran were referred as the Hydra of the Military Cabinet. their Orders and medals were more political _ diplomatic than for war actions
  5. Marcon1 , I dont think in a edelweiss badge , first the edelweiss currently has nine petals, second are petals and not regular points
  6. The eight pointed star was and is in the Spanish Army a badge of rank for Field Officers. one star for Comandante, Two for Lt Colonel and Three for Full Colonel. Usually they were of about 20 mm diameter and braided in gold or silver thread over Khaki cloth . your star could be a Spanish Civil War era beret badge of rank for a Comandante ( Major )
  7. Yes ! the standard bearer portrayed wear full uniform with epaulettes and not cuff lace. the collar and cuff flap were black velvet piped red, the cuff itself ,blue
  8. The Prussian , All I was able to find about the Sardinian Army in Verona from 1866 onwards was the Italian Contingent that entered in Verona the 16th October 1866 consisted of 600 men of the Milizia . Its no surprise due to the fact that the Austrians had leave the City without fight. The imponent Fortifications of Verona and their magazines and miltary stores , the great Military Hospital and Casernes all changed hands . many years after around 1880 was garrisoned the 10th Bersagliere in the Catena Caserma
  9. A very interesting lot ! All of Civil War era and White Russian
  10. The Prussian, please, wait me until next monday .
  11. The Prussian , the diference between Savoia and Pinerolo Brigades was the colour of the cuff flap ,black for one ,dark blue for the other
  12. Its a Free Norwegian army beret badge , existed another cap badge for the peaked cap also used by Norwegians in Great Britain . it consisted in a round centre with the Norway Lion surrounde by Oakleaves garland and topped with a Royal Crown also in white metal
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