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  1. At least one of the Scandinavians Major Dr Oscar Telge chief of the Medical Corps of the Brigades was a counterfeit Swedish his real name was Tristan Kristanov and he was Bulgarian
  2. Hello, the man portrayed is a military Doctor , take a look to the rounded cockade on his papacha. doctors and other officials dont weared the Oval cockade of combattant officers. (and soldiers )
  3. The first German flag lost in combat was those of the 4th Bataillon of the 132 nd Infantry Regiment.taked by the French on 14th August 1914, between August and October of 1914 nine German flags were taked by the French and deposited in the St Louis Chapel in the Invalides
  4. Hello, When the Armnistice was signed on 11th November 1918, all German Army units remained intacts and beginned the long road Home .with weapons flags and musical bands. they returned to their peace garrisons . It was for some regiments a long and hazardous return as in the case of the Cavalry Regiments desployed in Ucraina.well by January of 1919 almost with all the Army in Germany ,the Units were disbanded . the flags and standards went to some place .this place is what you may discover. perhaps the Zeughaus in Berlin, perhaps the Garnisonkirche in Potsdam . In the French museum de Les Invalides exists some German Flags losed during WW1
  5. Hello , I dont believe that exists a book with the information . you can search into museums and auction houses catalogs
  6. The only Dominican order that I knew was the Orden al Merito de Duarte Vazquez y Mella , created in 1931 as Orden al Merito Juan Pablo Duarte and modified in 1954 as is known today
  7. All Croatian badges carried the U ?
  8. Hello Grey C ,thank you . I had not think in the Bayerisches Landespolizei.
  9. Von Thronstahl , The winged badge is Croatian of the Utascha ,the others are Czech , the one next to the croatian badge and the one below these are collar badges ,the rectangular badge is some sort of patriotic one .the only that appears as arm badge is the apparently sappers badge braided on cloth
  10. Paul ,not only Catholic Church takes out the fun of life , In other order of things, my best and sincere wishes of a succesful operation and quick recuperation . till your return to the Forum !
  11. I will search the film to see it. Regarding our Pato horsegame,in the colonial era reached such extremes of violence that the Bishop of Buenos Aires established that those men who resulted dead in the course of the Pato game wil not be buried in sacred graveyard not receive funeral rites.the bishop thought these measures as disuasive
  12. paul wood , Thats what I want to say . Buzkashi appears in one of the Rambo movies. Here in Argentina during colonial times the men played The Pato , the Duck. a horseback sport consisting in secure a basket with a live duck inside . later the basket was replaced with a leather ball with two handles . today is still played
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