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  1. Many thanks ! so the badge on the cap over the cockade must be a miniature of the great cross of the Order
  2. Surely it was easier to transform the turned up cuffs in swedish ones than in brandenburgers
  3. 1812, My pleasure, tifes ,thanks ,thanks also to 922 f .
  4. Hello ,I dont recognize the uniform with ueberrock . blue collar and lapels , blue band on the cap .all made of velvet , apparently General shoulder boards and only the Bavarian cockade on the cap .over the cockade a badge . someone could explain me what kind of uniform is?
  5. Dear 1812 , You are asking too much but i want to add that at least five great German Trade houses operated in Liberia before the first world War .yes Germany is not Austria Hungary ,but the Danubian Empire before the war traded overseas with his own ships . Regarding to Kaiser Franz , In 1884 85 took place in Berlin the so called Congo Conference in these the Independence of Ethiopia ,Liberia ,Orange Free State and Transvaal was confirmed . Austria Hungary was one of the signataries ,perhaps by these reason the Kaiser received the decoration . Finally ,the first recognition of the Independence of my country Argentina was made by Kamehamea king of Hawaii when a Corsair Captain and his ship under Argentinian flag visited the Islands
  6. Hello , The interimstab of Reichsmarschall appears to be lost ,the two other batons of Goering are in USA . the only data about it is that the shaft was made of ivory , the handle and knob probably were made of silver with the eagle in gold , or perhaps due the pompous nature of Goering in platinum as you suggests . another option is gold or gold plated silver
  7. Why not ? after all Liberia was a Independent State . the only other of Africa apart Ethiopia .
  8. Hello, in the book Naval Marine and Air Force uniforms of WW2 , Andrew Mollo - Malcom Mc Gregor ,appears a colorized photo of Hermann Goering wearing a litewka in pigeon grey colour and carryng the Interimstab . that is the everyday baton .nothing spectacular, more a walking stick than a baton . If you dont have the chance of read the book , search about photos of for example Marshall Keitel when he signed the German capitulation . he went there with the interimstab and put in on the table
  9. Gentlemen , After the Ocupation of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939 ,the country was splited in two. one portion constituited the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia ,the other the State of Slovakia .In the Protectorate the Germans retained the Police and the Gendarmerie of the former Czechoslovakia in their service with the same uniforms and organisation and formed an Army the Government Army which lasted until 1945 .thats one possibility .the other is Slovak soldiers of the Fast Division a mixed force of motorized and Cavalry units that taked part in Barbarrossa under the command of General Augustin Malar .the pictured soldiers are seated because they are eating and is noticeable that they wears cavalry boots , the other units weared ankle boots and putees .,
  10. ArHo ,the circassian Kindjal was used by Cossacks , Turks ,Tcherkesses in Siria and Iranians . the handle is characteristic in form dont matter of which material is made .the blade is straight ,pointed and double edged and with fuller.
  11. Manufacture is not uniform , the quality variable ,material employed also .
  12. ArHo ,strange thing indeed , to me he carries a circasian dagger into a bayonet sheat and frog ,notable also the handgun of the sanitater, a 1879 Reichsrevolver . Austro Hungarian medics carried the M1853 Pioniersabel , 1853 sappers sabre . a short weapon heavier and with a wide blade . Perhaps your man served some time in the eastern front or cared some Russian POW
  13. To explain the Mrs anything about sandbags or barbed wire i looks as more dangerous than a Mills without pin in the pocket
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