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  1. Thanks ,more rare then , Landsturm with the modern sic MG 08 / 15 .
  2. Simius , Ferdinand I of Austria suffered Hidrocephalia in his childhood and these dolence leaves the patient with a desproportionate height of the skull
  3. Very Interesting photos ! Amersfoort appears like a Barracks City , as they existed in USA or in Hungary ,Hajmasker.in this case . The WW2 bad reputed Theresienstad because of the nazi Concentration Camp was originally a Austrian Military City thanks for share .
  4. Hola , De nada como decimos aca. If the stripe colour is morado that is purple so the Shoulder board is of the Engineering branch .and the rank that of Fanjunkare ,Fahnenjunker in German and Ensign in english . not exactly a Master sargeant but more or less equivalent . the Flygvapnet that means Luftwaffe or Air Weapon ,as many Air Forces except the USAF used to distinct the non Flying branches with colours
  5. Recreations of uniforms and not so good .
  6. Hello again , Two branches of service used distinctive colours between the rank stripes . medical and engineering .medicals red and engineers purple .
  7. Hello ,during WW1 ,the Austro Hungarians occupated a part o Albania and created a Gendarmerie ,uniformed as the Austrian but with white fez .after the war many of these men served in the new Gendarmerie . The dark uniforms could be of the Italian Carabinieri . leased to the Albanians .
  8. Swedish Air Force , Flygvapnet , the rank Fanjunkare that is Master Sargeant . the colour between the stripes denotes branch of service .but i dont know which is it .
  9. Thanks for share , generally speaking i observe that the Albanian Army under President Zoghu then King Mbret Zoghu ,tended to be uniformed in Italian Style adapted first and later in openly Italian pattern . once occupied and annexed to Italy the kingdom ,the Italians raised a Albanian Army again uniformed as Italian , the Skandenberg Helmet reappeared as national Army emblem with Zoghu .
  10. Vladimir Laxa 1870 1945 ,was a Croatian officer of the Austro Hungarian Army ,he reached the rank of Colonel and received the Order of Maria Theresia for Bravery in the Italian Front . after WW1 he joined the Yugoslav Army and after the destruction of the Kingdom ,he joined the new Croatian Army. Chief of Staff he resigned in 1942 because the atrocities commited by the Utaschi . notwhitstanding he was executed in 1945 as war criminal ,.
  11. Army Corps XIII , During WW1 the Germans used many Beute things and that included uniforms . The Austro Hungarians also used captured materials , mostly Italian . they used Italian tunics re dyed to Feldgrau ,and Adrian helmets re painted in Isonzobraun
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