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  1. Chris ,I understand your point of view about the Nazi Kulturbearer Sic . but regarding the War Veterans as a whole i want to said that the mixture of Heros and Bastards was very current among War Veterans of every country and in all the Wars . I want to say too that in a War with millions of men movilized for the real fight or for reaguard duties all previous dispositions regulating the concession of awards were desbordated and they were adequated amplying whitin the frame existent the scope of the concession .
  2. Whats the problem ? He was a Medical Officer .It was not uncommon that one Regimental or Bataillon Doctor remains all the War into the same unit .Regimental and Bataillon doctors normally served in Front line Lazaretten .
  3. Once existed into the Wittelsbachs one Duke Pius 1786 - 1837 . Pius August In Bayern ,father of Maximilian Joseph in Bayern who was the father of Empress Sissi of Austria . Ferdinand Pius of Bourbon 1869 -1960 , Duke of Calabria married a daughter of King Ludwig , Maria Theresa in 1897 and served in the Bavarian Army ,as Artillery officer .until the WW1
  4. Tak Tochno ! the Iowan appears in many pics with Nikita
  5. The man portrayed in the paint wears what seems to be the uniform of a field officer in the General Staff . carmine piping on the collar and front of the tunic,mattsilver buttons and the Double GS litzen on the collar . litzen of the so called Blumenmuster.
  6. Interesting photo ! a Medical Officer wearing the first type of feldgrau tunic for doctors with collar patches in Blue piped with Red and the special Feldbinde for Medical Officers .
  7. Perhaps as a courtesy to the Sultan the German Officers were authorized to wear first their Turkish awards . after all they were commisioned into the Ottoman Army as the prussian states , The German Civil Servants that were Ottoman Government Officials must wear the red Fez whe in service .I have a few Pics of my Paternal Grandfather who served as Civil Servant in Turkey during WW1 and in all he wears the Fez .
  8. Appears to be a well worn tunic . but unusual are the Swedish cuffs and the absence of the breast pockets. apart from that the buttons looks bright as if they were those of the peacetime tunic for Saxon Generals.
  9. The man of the pic carries the old MG08 with the heavy four legged original lafette . not the trhee legged ,. Notable the use of the MG08 by the Belgians ,post WW1
  10. 1812 Go to Wikipedia under this : Crosses of Military Merit
  11. The picture shows Carls with Spanish officers ,a General ,a Colonel and a Lt Colonel . He was Commander of the German Navy component of the Non Intervention Force .
  12. Enter into : www germaniainternational com d and inside the site into Nazi Art ,there you will find your statuette .
  13. A very strong man certainly . interestingly he is wearing the three buckled high boots essayed since 1934 for infantrymen
  14. There are not perpetual misteries , the type of number remembers me to something yet seen , Austrian not , certainly not French . I will made a bit more of research
  15. Take a look into German Daggers Forum .Imperial collar patches and SBs section . and will be able to observe the variety of types of numbers and monograms
  16. What says Weitze in the catalogue ? The Litewka with dove grey patches is of the Air Service I imagine due to the fact that the arm of service colour of the Air Service was light grey but the medium blue backing of the SBs dont match .
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