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  1. Hello , I dont believe that exists a book with the information . you can search into museums and auction houses catalogs
  2. The only Dominican order that I knew was the Orden al Merito de Duarte Vazquez y Mella , created in 1931 as Orden al Merito Juan Pablo Duarte and modified in 1954 as is known today
  3. All Croatian badges carried the U ?
  4. Hello Grey C ,thank you . I had not think in the Bayerisches Landespolizei.
  5. Von Thronstahl , The winged badge is Croatian of the Utascha ,the others are Czech , the one next to the croatian badge and the one below these are collar badges ,the rectangular badge is some sort of patriotic one .the only that appears as arm badge is the apparently sappers badge braided on cloth
  6. Paul ,not only Catholic Church takes out the fun of life , In other order of things, my best and sincere wishes of a succesful operation and quick recuperation . till your return to the Forum !
  7. I will search the film to see it. Regarding our Pato horsegame,in the colonial era reached such extremes of violence that the Bishop of Buenos Aires established that those men who resulted dead in the course of the Pato game wil not be buried in sacred graveyard not receive funeral rites.the bishop thought these measures as disuasive
  8. paul wood , Thats what I want to say . Buzkashi appears in one of the Rambo movies. Here in Argentina during colonial times the men played The Pato , the Duck. a horseback sport consisting in secure a basket with a live duck inside . later the basket was replaced with a leather ball with two handles . today is still played
  9. paul wood ,Mohammed Zahir Shah was your son ,No ?
  10. Very interesting ! A senior NCO wearing litewka with collar patches as only distinctive of rank along with the sabre with officers swordknot.
  11. Hello, the shoulder boards are those of a Gefreiter in the Flying branch of the Luftwaffwe. the V shaped Chevron was carried on the arm and marks the rank .the two trade patches with the eagle over a grill are vehicle driver ones . the two other badges with a bunch of lightinings and a letter were of Sound Locator operator
  12. Gerold von Gleich 1869 1938, was a Wurtembergian Army officer. in 1912 he was attached to the Greek Army High Command during the First Balkan War .In February of 1916 was selected to go to Turkey . he bears the German rank of Oberst.destinated to Baghdad he served as Chief of Staff of Marshall von der Goltz with the Turkish rank of Mirliva. In 1916 there was no war between Greece and Turkey.
  13. The #2 appears to be a beamte with the rank of Major. interwoven cord made SBs with a crowned shield on and no rosettes.
  14. Very rare the symbols on the epaulette. they must be the normal prussian stars very like the british ones.but appears as a sort of maltese crosses. or johanniter, three stars were for the rank of Generaloberst.
  15. The man portrayed is an officer, note his shoulder boards of the near square type,his riding boots and the swordknot on the bayonet Austro hungarian Chaplain ,with rank equivalent to captain
  16. He wears the Turkish War Medal . and his face has duel scares .
  17. The Winterhilfe , Winter help , uses to give you cheap badges as mark that you had contributed .
  18. Hello Peter,the second pic reads: Bois de Malancourt , 15th March 1918. Abbe Henrique,Edelmann,Moi. the Bois the Malancourt not far from Mort Homme at the North west of Verdun and on the left bank of the River Meuse was the scenario on the 20th March 1916 of a strong German attack with Artillery fire ,blowing of mines and use of flammable liquids from 7AM to 16 PM ,then the destroyed trenches were assaulted frontally and at the rear with use of the cover of dense smoke and throwing hand grenades. At the end the Germans captured the Bois, two bataillons of the 111th Infantry regiment ,nearly all the 258 Infantry regiment ,the General commanding the Brigade ,the two Colonels and all the Brigade Staff , about 3000 men . It was a severe blow to the French Army. regarding the pic of two years later , the three men on it belongs to the Military Health Service. the Abbe is a Priest ,the two others wears Red Cross armbands.On the fifth pic appears again the Abbe , without the coat he uses on the first pic .with him is Edelmann and the Captain Larroux. the pic also says: ilegible ,first line Avrocourt,2hours from ilegible. the Bois de Malancourt was correctly named Avracourt _ Malancourt. Excuse Me , I wrote Avracourt, It is AVOCOURT .
  19. Hello,In the movie of 1964 ,Mars na Drinu, a Yugoslav movie situated in the First Austro Serbian battle of WWI .appears a Artillery unit of the Serbian Army but the guns are not the Schneiders . the movie is in youTube. if anyone sees the film ,could identify the guns?
  20. Hello to all , The style of the cap is clearly British . but the badge is not military . The frogged coat not was current among Firefighters . perhaps the badge is the badge of a City .and the man was a CIty official ,
  21. pjac You have realized what I wanted to said . surely with intention of raise the price
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