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  1. This is a Montenegrin General uniform . very russian style .but note the badge on the peaked cap that was characteristic .the uniform is the M 1910 service uniform for Generals and Officers . he wears also laced ankle boots with leggings common practice in the major part of the Armies but very rare in the Russian Army
  2. Hello ,Between 1911 and 1913 Wurttembergian Officers and Troops were assignated to serve into Prussian Aerostatic and Aeronautical units .
  3. Hello, clearly NO ! the Chilean Army for example used and use the Skull and bones as emblem of one of their Cavalry units named also Death Hussars No 3 and dating back to 1818. The 17/21st Lancers of the British Army uses the Skull and bones over a scroll that reads OR GLORY as badge. The French Revolutionary Army created in 1792 a Cavalry Regiment named Hussards de la Mort , Death Hussars , with a black uniform almost identical to that of the Prussian Hussars. During the Spanish Civil War in the Francoist Army was created a Shock Company within the Guardia Civil ,the militarized Police force . the creator Captain Roger Oliete named the Coy La Calavera ,that is the Skull . the near 200 members weared a patch on the arm or the breast with the skull and bones and the letters G and C entwined . the Guardia Civil was and is a rather conservative Institute.
  4. Hello , Nice photos .thanks for share . Interestingly the two Bavarian gentlemen portrayed are high rank officials of the Royal Bavarian Railways .perhaps due to the relationship between the two Royal Houses in some moment Bavaria and Belgium interactuated in Railways matter
  5. Silver bracelets with the ID tag were at least tolerated in the French Army .
  6. Hello , the last ribbon could be that of the Italian Order of the Crown . it was awarded to foreigners too . regarding to the owner of the tunic is reasonable to think in a Major General destinated in the British component of the Italian Expeditionary Force sent to Italy after the Defeat of Caporetto. five British Divisions at the peak
  7. In the book of General Thoumin The Great War volume 1 a French Infantry Officer relates that before the depart to the frontier he was worried about two things: one he has not received his ID tag the other, his sabre was not sharpened. he asked to his battallion chief about the ID and he received the following answer : Its right, we must have all of us the ID tags ,they are ready but for some reason they were not distributed yet. the next day they were distributed.
  8. Interestingly the British Officer is seated among Japanese soldiers ,
  9. Hello , I can read on it ASTYNOMIA that is POLICE in Greek . the lower inscription Is POLEON that means CITIES .resuming Police of the Cities , one of the two Greek Police Forces that existed , the other was the Gendarmerie or CHOROFILAKI , Today the two Forces were merged . your badge carries a royal crown then is pre 1974
  10. Hello, Its a common nut ,walnut .the hickory nuts have smooth surface . certainly looks as a mummified testicle .
  11. Hello, the man seated on the first photo wears the typical russian doctors hospital robe with short or rolledup sleeves
  12. Utgardloki .Thanks! ,vielen danke ! for share your finds. A question ,Is in the book any reference to the Grey uniform for Governors ? Ihad see a pic of the surrender of the South west Africa in 1915 and on it appears Governor Seitz in grey uniform
  13. Utgardloki . I think that in some Museum or Auction House may exists uniforms for Civil Servants of the German Empire
  14. Hello , the pickelhaube is a nice piece , apart from the splintering i dont see other damage , Stahlhut says that if you file a claim they will pay you but they have reatain the pickelhaube . better ask to some specialist about how to restore the lack , that of the helm must be some kind of nitrocellulose based .of the same type of the one used to coat hand made guitars
  15. Dr Heinrich Schnee wears the uniform of Governor of German East Africa . dark blue tunic with white collar and cuffs .the cuffs were of same model of those of the used by Generals. both collar and cuffs were embroidered in a pattern for civilian servants .the headress was a peaked cap in dark blue with white band and piping with the imperial cockade on the band .white trousers and black shoes .
  16. ccj ,Taking about aiguilletes or fourrageres ,do you know how expensive are today these items ? take a look at : handembroideyshop.com and their prices. poor fellows those obliged to wear one !
  17. Try here , www bddm.org/ a French Fundation for the Memory of the Deportation and Internement during WW2
  18. eurorders , The Spanish Military Merit Cross ,with red distinctive could be pensionada ,that is linked with a life long monetary assignation to the recipient or his mourners in case of the posthumous awards. Today the Military Merit Cross with red distinctive is not pensionada . strangely the equivalent Cross for the Guardia Civil and the Policia Nacional is pensionada
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