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  1. To explain the Mrs anything about sandbags or barbed wire i looks as more dangerous than a Mills without pin in the pocket
  2. Hello .I will expect anxiously your posts about this unknown and interesting theater of war
  3. Luftmensch , I rejoice for you !
  4. The man pictured wears a Cavalry type uniform , Dragoon , The piping looks as white thats means Hesse Dragoons . or light yellow , Baden Dragoons . The light blue piping of the Train uniforms looks also as white .Two Prussian Regiments of dragoons have also withe piping .finally two Prussian regiments have light yellow piping
  5. Hello, Brazilian ,the blade is engraved Pelotas ,a city of the Brazil southern state Rio Grande do Sul whose inhabitants are called Gauchos, as the Argentinian cowboys
  6. Thanks Zaim ! I read once that in October of 1940 a Albanian regiment named Tomor fight against Greece .
  7. Gentlemen , the man wears state cockade on the band of his cap , to me is the Red Black cockade of Wurtemberg
  8. Yes ,more pics please and regarding the officer i said the same as 922f
  9. Hello , plain khaki yes but lightweight cloth and not serge cloth . regarding the posible badge Lancers not . Sikh Infantry not. Jats also no. with certain imagination again ,Ghurka . Artillery ? not well, remember that existed also the Princely Armies as the Army of Hyderabad or that of Kashmir .
  10. A mostly unknown war theater , thanks for share . interesting the officer seated with Royal Army uniform , first sight looks Italian but later you recognize the Albanian Shoulder Boards
  11. Thanks for share ! the Crown Prince was a enthusiast of Protos cars , manufactured in Berlin ,they were well made and fast cars , by 1911 all the cars owned by William jr were Protos. one Protos participated in the Race New York - Paris of 1908 and nearly won .
  12. Its difficult ,the photo appears to be retouched ,and the badge too , with a lot of imagination the badge looks like that of the Punjab Regiment.
  13. Interesting ! the man on the left of the photo wears uniform of the Landwehr Cavalry.
  14. Hello dedehansen , I dont know the seller. I just visited the site and the description the seller gives is not very clear. I suggests you to search in Hermann historica militaria .
  15. Ar Ho , The losses of the IR 77 are monstrous,only counting the deads 5200 men means the effective of five peacetime bataillons !
  16. Hello Andreas ,Too heavy for a Rapier , Its a Pallasch , Perhaps Swedish .
  17. Hello Solomon ,Thanks very much ! Today is a funny story but in those times was a serious matter , In the Federal Empire the Emperor and King was basically a primus inter pares and the federate Princes were at least in theory Equals respect to certain matters. William II lost with frequency this perspective , sometimes with minor consequences others not
  18. Hello, It looks more as a Stickdegen, or Rapier than as a Pallasch , but tell me the width and lenght of the blade so i will be able to form a better opinion . Apart from all I believe that the piece is not Prussian .
  19. Your Shako is very alike Colonel Marbot shako ,
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