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Can anyone help me out, with the following. I have the service papers to a soldier who served in the 57th Regiment, from 1876 until 1881, he then appears to have been transferred to the 1st Sussex Regiment, I assume this had something to do with the Childers review in 1881. Interestingly his service papers state.......

East Indies 14th Aug 1880 until 30th June 1881 

East Indies 1st July 1881 until 2nd March 1882 

I can find no confirmation that either of these regiments were in the East Indies during these periods, can anyone confirm this for me?

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The First Battalion of the 57th was in Limerick and Dublin from 1881 to 1897 but the 2nd Bttn was in Madras [1881], Rangoon, Burma and Secunderbad [1884].  

The two battalions of the Sussex regiment seem to have been in Cyprus and 'Buttevante' [?] from 1880 to at least 1885.

Here's the source I used: http://www.remthepast.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/location.html

I hope that's some help.

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