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Hi all. Just a quick one... getting ready to head into the gulag... tonight and tomorrow night then three blessed days off! Can't wait.

This is a photo of a friends great grandfather. Trying to get more info but he has to contact family members, etc. For now, just have his name: Edmund Jacob, and this photo. I'm praying some of you can give us some info based on the uniform, insignia, etc. Assuming it's early war or pre war due to the numbers showing on the pickelhaube cover, and I think the shoulder boards. Wish we could see details on the belt buckle as I know that would help. Plus if in color a lot could be learned from the colors of the numbers (regiment?) and portepee. Anyhow, I'm hoping some of ya'll can put the pieces together and come up with something... anything would be a big help. He just wants to know more of his family history and he's very interested. He's a U.S. army vet, a great guy and a good friend. So hoping I can help him out.

Many thanks in advance! :beer:

Dan :cheers:


Edmund Jacob 1.JPG

Edmund Jacob 2.JPG

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It would help to know where he was from. Looks like he has a pioneer long shovel, so he could be from Pionier Batl. Nr.14, which was a Baden unit. He doesn't have the typical pioneer style ammo pouches. They are an pre-1909 pattern usually issued to second line troops (Landwehr or Landsturm for instance). This is a wartime photo as evidenced by his transitional (simplified) M1907/13 tunic. So, the photo is most likely from 1915 or 1916 (at the latest), due to his wearing of the Pickelhaube with the unit number still evident.


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My friend is trying to get more info from his relatives... not sure at this point if there is anything else available... but will try to get what we can.

Many thanks!


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Hi Dan,
you also have the backside (maybe there is something written or there are postmarks or a photographers name, …)?
In which town or region the person was living during the First World War?
Best regards,


addition: and we need a better close-up frome the helmetcover and the shoulderboard.

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