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    1. Hi all, Need opinions on this... early/middle/late and if possible a rough value? Many thanks! Dan
    2. Many thanks! I'd not seen the other post... I'll try to find it. But I'm very pleased to hear this. Even better than I expected. I deeply appreciate the help on this!
    3. Hi Mike. Many thanks for your help on this one! I deeply appreciate it! ? Have a great week and weekend to come.
    4. Deeply appreciate the comments. It's a beautiful cross... had hoped to find the maker but if not possible I'm still very happy with it and glad I was able to obtain it. Again my deepest thanks!
    5. No maker's mark on ring. No idea if anyone can ID maker or not. Proper three piece construction, magnetic, a VERY tiny bit of movement of the core in the frame. Other than needing a ribbon it's a beautiful EK in hand. Many thanks in advance for any help. Dan
    6. Hi all. I've "finally" managed to get a set of hangers but I need the belt loop with the attachment rings for the hangers to go on my brocade dress belt. Does anyone by any slim chance have one they'd be willing to part with? Please let me know. I've looked and looked on the web but so far no luck. Here's pics of what I need. Many thanks! Dan
    7. Many thanks V.Perlet. Actually it's one I spotted on the web and was wondering what it was. I'd posted over on WAF as well and they nailed it down as the center EK from the 57er German Cross in Gold. I knew I'd seen it somewhere but just couldn't remember last night. I had the same thought re: vets organization but as to which one there's no telling. But at least one part of the mystery is solved. Thanks again! Dan
    8. Didn't know where else to post this. Hoping for an ID/info if anyone happens to know. Guessing from an organization or society?
    9. No thoughts, ideas, comments, info? I thought for sure one of y'all would be able to nail it down.
    10. Hi all. I know this is an old thread but saw it was on the Imperial naval buttons. There's a youtube series of a girl and her mom who mudlark over in the UK and they found what I believe is an Imperial German naval button. I've found examples to match but not one with the rope border around the outer edge of the button. Have I missed the mark on this or is it a rare type or what? Hope one of y'all can help out on this. Fingers tightly crossed! Many thanks! Dan
    11. Thanks SO much for the update! Please continue to keep us posted on this. She's a beautiful ship... my wife and I would LOVE to visit some day if we can work it out. But we're so glad she's being cared for and has the love and attention she requires to remain intact for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Thanks for all you and your team do!
    12. Hi Graham... wow... that's it! You did it! I'd looked and looked and couldn't find anything. But that's it for sure. Am reading up on society and trying to learn more. So happy to finally know what it is. Only one I'd ever seen till I saw what you posted. My deepest thanks for your help! God bless, Dan
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