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  1. Have the helmet in hand now. Will include pics of the markings. Seems it's a British Brodie... BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham. 1939 - 1943) made in 1942... the other markings I don't know... size? Still learning. Again any help appreciated. Also probably best if this can be moved to the appropriate section for WW2 British helmets. Thank you! Dan
  2. Hi all. Again another area I'm not nearly as versed in as I'd like to be. No liner. Not in hand yet... be a few days but got for a song. Just don't know if this is a WW1 Doughboy, a pre to early WW2 or what? Any info would be deeply appreciated. Also does anyone know where to get a replacement liner for a reasonable price? I saw WW2 brodie helmet liners to size from International Military Antiques for just under $40 with free shipping... would those work just as a liner? Be nice to have whatever is supposed to be in it but depends what's available and for how much. Again I'm in the dark so hop
  3. Hey Mike, No idea on Primer... but definitely no powder and left the hole he made in the side. Sits on a shelf. Dan
  4. On this one... a friend who was in the army... came out as a Sergeant and dealt in such things ID'd it as: 20mm x 102mm Pele Round Penetrator with enhanced lateral efficiency. He drilled it, removed the powder and it's safe... now just a paper weight which is best. :-) Dan
  5. Hi Drugo. Many thanks for getting with me on this. I totally agree... I do NOT want to do a full blown restoration ie: stripping, etc. I simply want to clean it as well as I can and preserve it. I also agree it's a fairly nice one. Yes, was one of the Spanish CW ones. Was hand picked for me and I'm extremely grateful to the seller. However, on doing some reading my understanding is that oxalic acid is nothing to be fooled around with, can be extremely dangerous, etc. Not something I'd prefer to mess around with. Not even sure it's something I could easily come by. Can you recommend s
  6. Hi all. I know enough about Italian field gear/helmets, etc., to be just above dangerous. LOL! Recently obtained this one and would like to find out what I can about it... should it be restored at all? I'm mostly thinking just lots of cleaning, leather cleaning/preservation, etc., not a full blown strip down, repaint, etc. But again want to hear opinions, etc. Literally when it came it it had dirt and rust flakes falling off of it. Most came off in the original shipping box. I left it in the plastic bag it was in till a few minutes ago when I took it out, brushed it off (outside) as best and c
  7. Grand Cross/1st Class = Sash badge, Breast Star. Grand Officer/2nd Class = Neck Order, Breast Star. Commander/3rd Class = Neck Order. Officer/4th Class = Gold finish, worn from chest suspended from triangular ribbon. Knight/5th Class = Silver finish, worn from chest suspended from triangular ribbon.
  8. Many thanks!!!! That's terrific... have a first name now. Think I'll try and grab it. :-) Thank you so much!
  9. Hi all, Considering a WW1 war medal named to: 5651 PTE.F.WATSON. 9-LOND.R. I try to get Watson named medals when I can. Wondered if any of our members might be able to help me with any info on this individual? Many thanks in advance! Dan
  10. Nearly forgot... have another but it's on a M88 Commission rifle. There were other markings on another of the barrel bands but I don't have pics and they're all X'd out anyway.
  11. Okay, have another one if someone can help... this one on a DWM 1921 Artillery. Many thanks!
  12. Hi all, I've posted this in the firearms section but wanted to put here too in case one of our members who reads Russian might see it quicker. Could someone please translate the inscription on this Hungarian FEG for me? Many thanks in advance! Dan
  13. Hi all, Can anyone translate the inscription on this FEG? Many thanks in advance! Dan
  14. Just saw this one. Again my DEEPEST thanks for all this info you've found. I really appreciate it. :-) Merry Christmas!
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