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  1. Thanks SO much for the update! Please continue to keep us posted on this. She's a beautiful ship... my wife and I would LOVE to visit some day if we can work it out. But we're so glad she's being cared for and has the love and attention she requires to remain intact for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Thanks for all you and your team do!
  2. Hi Graham... wow... that's it! You did it! I'd looked and looked and couldn't find anything. But that's it for sure. Am reading up on society and trying to learn more. So happy to finally know what it is. Only one I'd ever seen till I saw what you posted. My deepest thanks for your help! God bless, Dan
  3. Hi all. Just obtained this one... don't have it in hand yet, pics are the sellers. Fell in love with it soon as I saw it but no idea what it is or what it's for. Hoping someone may know and can give me some info. No idea if it's an official or an unofficial award or what. Anyhow here's the pics. Will keep my fingers tightly crossed that someone will know something about it. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  4. Been a long time but finally managed to get the other pin type. I've seen the type I already had referred to as the female award... no idea if this is true or not. But, here's the other type.
  5. Many thanks Andreas! Deeply appreciate the help. I wish I had better references on Imperial that got into more detail. Just can't afford them now... prices on them have gone insane. Had to fly mostly on the net but some really had me stumped for a good while. Many thanks! I sure hope so too. Lord knows Rick Lundstrom would have probably figured it out in about ten seconds. Sure miss him! But keeping my fingers crossed that someone can ID it. Be so nice to be able to put a name to it.
  6. Hi Andreas. The night we got it I did searches online to try to ID each piece. If I'm incorrect on this one please let me know what it is? Any help is deeply appreciated. Many thanks! Dan
  7. My latest. Any chance of ID'ing the original recipient of these awards?
  8. Many thanks! Who tends to ID such things nowadays? I so miss Rick... he'd have taken one look at it and I'm positive if it could be ID'd he could likely do it right off the top of his head. When we lost him it was like losing the library at Alexandria and then some all over again. Anyhow, is there another section I should post it in for possible ID help? Many thanks in advance! Dan
  9. Just won this one tonight for my sister (from another mother). I just finished up the ID's... hope I nailed them all. Any chance for ID'ing the original recipient on this one? Only pics I have at the moment (sellers). Vatican Equestrian Order Of The Holy Sepulchre Of Jerusalem with Crown. Reuss Honor Cross 2nd Class Gold. Württemberg Order of the Crown Knight. Bavarian Merit Order 3rd Class Without Swords. Prussia Order of the Crown 3rd Class Knights Cross. Prussia Order of the Red Eagle 3rd Class Knights Cross. Saxony Albrecht Order 1st Model (1851 to 1875) 1st Class Knights Cross. Any help deeply appreciated! Thanks! Dan
  10. Every try to find a Bundesmarine dagger? I've seen two since starting to collect in the 70's. One at a shop in Minneapolis/St. Paul ($100 and so wish I'd grabbed it!) in the mid 80's and one I managed to snag off Ebay a couple years ago. Sadly that one had the pommel changed out to the WW2 version. I've always been told that so many of these had that same fate... having the WW2 pommel put in place of the post war Bundesmarine pommel which replaced the swaz with the anchor. I'd very much like to be able to obtain one of the Bundesmarine pommels to put my dagger back to it's original form. But after years of searching I have yet to find the post war pommel. Plenty of WW2 pommels... real and fake... but no post wars. So I'm wondering... where in the world have all those post war ones gone to that were removed and replaced with the swaz version? By the by, if anyone has one they'd be willing to part with please let me know. I'd love to try and work something out on one. Many thanks! Dan
  11. Hi all, Hoping you can tell me if this is a good one? It's up for $750. Good price or ? Any help would be deeply appreciated! Many thanks! Dan
  12. A quick question. I cannot find my Cuban ODM's book at the moment... are these made of real gold or are they another metal that is plated? Many thanks! Dan
  13. Have the helmet in hand now. Will include pics of the markings. Seems it's a British Brodie... BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd of Dagenham. 1939 - 1943) made in 1942... the other markings I don't know... size? Still learning. Again any help appreciated. Also probably best if this can be moved to the appropriate section for WW2 British helmets. Thank you! Dan
  14. Hi all. Again another area I'm not nearly as versed in as I'd like to be. No liner. Not in hand yet... be a few days but got for a song. Just don't know if this is a WW1 Doughboy, a pre to early WW2 or what? Any info would be deeply appreciated. Also does anyone know where to get a replacement liner for a reasonable price? I saw WW2 brodie helmet liners to size from International Military Antiques for just under $40 with free shipping... would those work just as a liner? Be nice to have whatever is supposed to be in it but depends what's available and for how much. Again I'm in the dark so hoping some of y'all can throw some light on it. Many thanks in advance! Dan
  15. Hey Mike, No idea on Primer... but definitely no powder and left the hole he made in the side. Sits on a shelf. Dan
  16. On this one... a friend who was in the army... came out as a Sergeant and dealt in such things ID'd it as: 20mm x 102mm Pele Round Penetrator with enhanced lateral efficiency. He drilled it, removed the powder and it's safe... now just a paper weight which is best. :-) Dan
  17. Hi Drugo. Many thanks for getting with me on this. I totally agree... I do NOT want to do a full blown restoration ie: stripping, etc. I simply want to clean it as well as I can and preserve it. I also agree it's a fairly nice one. Yes, was one of the Spanish CW ones. Was hand picked for me and I'm extremely grateful to the seller. However, on doing some reading my understanding is that oxalic acid is nothing to be fooled around with, can be extremely dangerous, etc. Not something I'd prefer to mess around with. Not even sure it's something I could easily come by. Can you recommend something else that is safer to work with that would give basically the same results? Also re: the leather, the seller thought it was white which he said was an early type so was going by that. As far as caring for that would saddle soap be good to use? (NOTE: I just checked that out and am leaving this for the benefit of others... seems saddle soap is not good as they tend to use lye in making it and it's very alkaline... so not good. So I'll go with the hand cream after cleaning with water as you suggested.) :-) Totally understand re: removing the liner. I looked inside as best I could and see that it appears there are metal tabs that are folded over, and I know that given the thin metal, age, etc., if bent they'd likely break off. So I won't even attempt that. But again, the oxalic acid is something that unless it's the only alternative (if I could even obtain it) I'd prefer to stay away from and use something safer if at all possible. I'll stay in a holding pattern for now. I'm in no rush on this as I'd rather take the time and do it right so it can be passed down for generations to come. Also I will take more pics as I proceed and be happy to keep posting them over time to show progress. Again many thanks for your help! Looking forward to your next reply.
  18. Hi all. I know enough about Italian field gear/helmets, etc., to be just above dangerous. LOL! Recently obtained this one and would like to find out what I can about it... should it be restored at all? I'm mostly thinking just lots of cleaning, leather cleaning/preservation, etc., not a full blown strip down, repaint, etc. But again want to hear opinions, etc. Literally when it came it it had dirt and rust flakes falling off of it. Most came off in the original shipping box. I left it in the plastic bag it was in till a few minutes ago when I took it out, brushed it off (outside) as best and carefully as I could, then cleaned it with some Jungle Jake cleaner/degreaser and paper towels. Seems to have the white leather liner which I've heard is early. Is this correct? A size 60 which is great as I prefer to collect the larger sizes. So far I can't see any markings inside the helmet itself but again haven't even attempted to clean in there yet. What is the proper way to (carefully) remove the liner in order to deal with what that needs and to clean out the interior of the helmet? Hoping some of you that know about these things will kick in and give me an education. Many thanks! God bless, Dan
  19. Grand Cross/1st Class = Sash badge, Breast Star. Grand Officer/2nd Class = Neck Order, Breast Star. Commander/3rd Class = Neck Order. Officer/4th Class = Gold finish, worn from chest suspended from triangular ribbon. Knight/5th Class = Silver finish, worn from chest suspended from triangular ribbon.
  20. Many thanks!!!! That's terrific... have a first name now. Think I'll try and grab it. :-) Thank you so much!
  21. Hi all, Considering a WW1 war medal named to: 5651 PTE.F.WATSON. 9-LOND.R. I try to get Watson named medals when I can. Wondered if any of our members might be able to help me with any info on this individual? Many thanks in advance! Dan
  22. Nearly forgot... have another but it's on a M88 Commission rifle. There were other markings on another of the barrel bands but I don't have pics and they're all X'd out anyway.
  23. Okay, have another one if someone can help... this one on a DWM 1921 Artillery. Many thanks!
  24. Hi all, I've posted this in the firearms section but wanted to put here too in case one of our members who reads Russian might see it quicker. Could someone please translate the inscription on this Hungarian FEG for me? Many thanks in advance! Dan
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