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I have this pair of certificates awarded to Ernst Schlett who is listed as missing from 1/6/1944 in the memorial book at Potylicz/Poteilitsch cemetery. His date of birth was 4/10/1911 and his death/missing area is listed as Brody/Knaise/Kosin. Would there be any way as to get a few more details? Are any available?

He served under Gen. Robert Martinek (who has signed the EK2 cert) I assume within the 39th Panzer Corps and 841 Artillery Abt. Can their whereabouts be traced for the missing date?





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The Volksbund lists his MIA date as 1st June 1944 but this is just a generic date which they use and he would of gone missing after that date. For similar examples for Stalingrad they use 1st January 1943. What it does indicate is that they don't have any further information about him after that date. The chances are that he was caught up in the encirclement of Brody during the Operation Bagration/Lvov–Sandomierz Offensives and went the same way of many thousands of other German troops caught up in the twin offensives.

The DRK Volumes show that the vast majority of men reported missing from s.Art.Abt 841 went missing in Brody & Tarnopol in July 1944.

And there is a photo of Mr Schlett so you now know what he looked like.



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Thanks very much. Really good to have some more info and especially his picture.

Thanks again hucks :thumbup:

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