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Von Thronstahl

Pilot badge tinnie - real or fake

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I need help with this badge. Pilot badges are slippery area per se and my knowledge is very poor.   This is first time I even have something related to pilots in my hands. 

I hope more experienced and more qualified members will be able to say something about it.






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von thronstahl,

In my opinion this is not an authentic badge.  The pictures aren't great but the construction and enamel on this badge does not match that found on originals.  Here are a couple of links to authentic badges for you to compare the one you posted to.







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At first, this is not full size badge, but miniature. Whether it is period miniature, hard to say. I would be happy with it, depending on the price. Btw, the badge from the first Gordon´s link is not wartime original either, but a postwar privately purchased piece. Just like this mini.

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