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  1. I would appreciate your opinion on this enameled version of Prussian LS clasp model 1825. What do you think, does this one represent 3rd class or 2nd class? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I would like to know your opinion about this cross. Thanks in advance. It is three piece construction with magnetic core.
  3. Maybe not Turkish medal at all, as it doesn´t have typical Turkish suspension. But the date (if I read it correctly) says 1293, which would fit to 1877 Russo-Turkish war. Thank you very much in advance for any help.
  4. I am wondering which kind (or type) of Johanniter is this one. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. At first, this is not full size badge, but miniature. Whether it is period miniature, hard to say. I would be happy with it, depending on the price. Btw, the badge from the first Gordon´s link is not wartime original either, but a postwar privately purchased piece. Just like this mini.
  6. " new information comes to light all of the time. personally, i like to keep an open mind towards these things, hence my conversation with you." - Me too, but it doesn´t mean I just take everything as it comes. For beginner, every new info is a groundbreaking find, but for experienced and knowledged collector, it is just a piece of puzzle, that either fits to already existing mosaic, or not. And if not, it should come accompanied with strong arguments equal to the strength of mosaic that it attempted to change. For me, E. Finke piece of puzzle doesn´t fit to clamshell-part of my mosaic
  7. There are only three producers associated with production of clamshell EK1s: Deumer, Schickle - and Floch. No Finke. Some Russian dealer´s page is not enough to change my mind. I can show you page, where KO is still offered as Koeniglisches Munzamt Abteilung Orden. As I already said, all mentioned makers produced also 1939 EK1 clamshells. Where is 1939er Finke? And why his clamshell is on Schickle 1939 crosses?
  8. Otto Schickle used two core types and two clamshell types. The other core and other clamshell is - as far as I know - without any doubt associated with Schickle. I already saw these two cores and clamshells in all four possible combinations, which leads me to think that this particular combination is nobody else than Schickle. Mayer used completely different style of frame, very distinctive, with straight arms, either on Imperials or on 1939ers. Not even mentioning that this is the first time I see him associated with production of one-piece crosses. And Finke? Never heard of her
  9. Probably not a chance to ID winner of this bar, but still worth asking... It came with all medals represented (though Bronze Merit medal is damaged) plus EK1 1914.
  10. Are the metal parts (hinge and button) magnetic? Is the interior UV negative?
  11. Unfortunately, not only the core, but the frame as well can not be associated with Hansen. In my opinion, this cross, same as MH´s cross is the result of post production marriage. If it is period marriage or modern one, is another question. Btw, when we speak about "Hansen", we speak about three core types (different from yours) and four producers (Hansen had three subsidiaries + himself). So far, only two of them are known by name (Hansen Kiel and Koch&Bergfeld Bremen) and producing EK1s. The rest of them were seen so far only on Hansen type EK2s. But all of them used the same frame.
  12. I agree with Chris. That case is bogus type, never seen EK1 case with space for EK2 ribbon. But the cross is nice AWS piece.
  13. It looks to me like one piece fake with paint on the beading.
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