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  1. This is more than I expected. Thank you very much for your help Christian1962 .
  2. I need help with this guy. I can˙t read text written on the reverse.
  3. These photos are from your collection?
  4. Thank you very much Owain. Do you think that Yugoslavian navy NCO or officer could be awarded this medal?
  5. Medal is part of probably one persons lot of medals and badges I found recently. Owner was probably ex Yugoslavian navy NCO or officer. I don˙t know the name or any other information cause lot was found in a garbage container by local drunk who sold it to me. I assume owner was navy cause I found some USSR navy badges. Yugoslav navy ships also visited ports of Arab countries quite often. I can´t find any similair medal and I think it might be Egyptian cause eagle reminds me of Egyptian coat of arms. Any suggestions?
  6. I am not sure what Krakau in this case means but there were few ships operating in Krakow and Pulawy, on the Vistula river. It was Vistula Flotilla and their assignment was to relive military transport on the railways.
  7. I would like to know more about this medal. There is no info on the web. There are literally hundreds of similar medals on the market. Every unit or ship has one. Are they commemorative(veteran pieces coined post ww1 or ww2?
  8. I agree. I knew it from the start but asked anyway. Thank you for your time gentlemen.
  9. I have this medal for long time sitting in my drawer. It´s probably fake but I need to ask you, who are more knowledgeable before I sell it as fake. I can say that it is made of silver and it has Russian silver hallmark. I am not sure if hallmark is fake or not.
  10. It is not KuK collar tab. It is post ww1 Austrian National Police or Sicherheitswache . You can checki it on the following link: http://www.uniforminsignia.org/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=734
  11. They are definitely ES or Einsatzstaffel runes. IT is interesting combination of ES and SS runes.
  12. Runes on the collar look like ES runes but helmet runes are definitely SS. What do you think? Photo found in Croatia, part where ES and Prinz Eugen division originate.
  13. This is definitely something you don´t see often. Not often. never. Is this medal in your possession?
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