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  1. Maximilians Military merit medal if I am not mistaken.
  2. Very nice medal bar. I have a question about Mine Rescue Medal. Was it awarded as other rescue medals, for particular lifesaving action or for being part of some rescue organization?
  3. I´ve bought this Sanitätstasche recently. Inside the bag I´ve found name of the owner and Feldpost number. Owner is Dr. Frimmel and Feldpost number is 42595. Sanitätstasche was produced in 1943 and I have found that 42595 was Feldpost number of 2. Sanitats-Kompanie 44. (12.3.1943-7.9.1943). This is where my knowledge stops. Is it possible to find out more about Dr. Frimmel using available info? I bought it in Croatia. I think it was never in collection before. I need to ask the seller additional info about it. Searching through WH Lexikon didn´t help or I am doing something wrong. I presumed that he was stationed somewhere in ex-Yugoslavia but all the units I found that had this 2. Sanitats-Kompanie 44 attached were not in this area.
  4. Can you help me with this one. I am negotiating the price of some KuK stuff with an older man here in Croatia and he offered me this helmet also. I am not familiar with German stuff so I am asking for help here. I tried to find some info about it and Pickelhauben and I found that plate is for IR 91 helmet but the rest is not corresponding with the photos I found on web. He also offered me this cartouche and gorget. I need your help with them also. I need to ask for better photos definitely. Thank you in advance.
  5. What do you think about plaque? There was one for sale, similar to this one, but it was awarded to Rudolf Singule. Sold for 1850 GBP. Have you seen anything similar? Did plaques ever existed or they are modern fantasies? Material looks too shiny and box also looks new. At least skin does. It is not possible to download photos so I am posting a link to Rudolf Singule plaque. It definitely looks better than Weddigen´s. I am not sure is it forbidden to post links. If it is, please delete it or I will do it. https://www.relicmilitaria.com/product/imperial-german-submarine-officers-presentaion-plaque-dated-1915-in-case/#
  6. Hello Bayern. Thank you for your help. Photo is part of the photo lot I got from Czech republic. So, I presume they are not Heimwehr.
  7. Except MG and Bergfuhrer insignia I have never seen anything else worn on the sleeve. It looks like an anchor plus something else. Anybody saw something similar?
  8. This is not correct information. Vojnovic surname can be found in Dalmatia in small town Omis and all of them are Croats. In town Petrinja and Glina we can find Vojnovic surname too, but they are Serbs and Petrinja and Glina are in Banija, which is continental part of Croatia. Dalmatia is coastal part of Croatia.
  9. Thank you Chris. One more question. Does it mean that all members of the unit then get the cross or only guys who already got cross now also get palm on the ribbon.
  10. That is Cross for Military Valour? What does it means whet it has palm on the ribbon?
  11. I know that very well but I am grasping at straws. I thought it is Spanish at first but I couldn´t find any information about this badge nor about its maker. It is not in the Prichard´s Submarine badges book and I can´t find it on the internet either. Badges are similar but not the same.
  12. I know how it looks like. That is why I said I haven´t seen this type of Italian badge before. So, I was right. Now I need to find out how did it end up here? Thank you Bayern.
  13. Emedals has this badge listed as Italian Kingdom sub badge, 1942. I have never seen it before. This is one I have. I found it on one of the beaches in my town. We were searching there a lot cause that is the place where they threw all the rubble after bombardment in ww2. Name of the city is Zadar(Zara) and it was under Italian rule until 1943. We found lot of Italian insignia there but this one was unusual. At first I thought it was Spanish. Maybe sailors went in Spain on some Submarine training i thought. But now, when I found this badge on Emedals it seems it is Italian. If that badge is Italian at all. Only difference is that mine is made of silver and it has that hole for a stone, like Spanish sub badges have. What do you think. Are these badges Italian at all? Maybe Barry made a mistake while listing that badge or I am completely wrong going into spanish direction.
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