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  1. I am not sure what Krakau in this case means but there were few ships operating in Krakow and Pulawy, on the Vistula river. It was Vistula Flotilla and their assignment was to relive military transport on the railways.
  2. I would like to know more about this medal. There is no info on the web. There are literally hundreds of similar medals on the market. Every unit or ship has one. Are they commemorative(veteran pieces coined post ww1 or ww2?
  3. I agree. I knew it from the start but asked anyway. Thank you for your time gentlemen.
  4. I have this medal for long time sitting in my drawer. It´s probably fake but I need to ask you, who are more knowledgeable before I sell it as fake. I can say that it is made of silver and it has Russian silver hallmark. I am not sure if hallmark is fake or not.
  5. It is not KuK collar tab. It is post ww1 Austrian National Police or Sicherheitswache . You can checki it on the following link: http://www.uniforminsignia.org/?option=com_insigniasearch&Itemid=53&result=734
  6. They are definitely ES or Einsatzstaffel runes. IT is interesting combination of ES and SS runes.
  7. Runes on the collar look like ES runes but helmet runes are definitely SS. What do you think? Photo found in Croatia, part where ES and Prinz Eugen division originate.
  8. This is definitely something you don´t see often. Not often. never. Is this medal in your possession?
  9. Most of them. "U" was part of Croatian coat of arms. But not all of them are Ustasha badges. Almost all medals and orders carrie the "U".
  10. Yes, that is the one. I was too lazy to crop the photo. And there is no Ustasha badge onthe photo. Only Croatian legion of the Luftwaffe.
  11. I think it might be this one. The one under Croatian legion badge.
  12. Thank you Peter. At least now I know I am not missing much. I have more than enough experience with old military letters and photos and I know about censorship but whenever I get some new photos I always wonder what secrets might I encounter. When they get translated, usually they are thanking each other for letters they receive and they inform each other about letters they will send. No epiphanies. I scanned photos. Here they are. That is all with captions on their back. I tried to upload more but it seems that I can upload only 8 MB.
  13. Thank you very much. You really helped me a lot. Maybe Bathincourt is Bethencourt -sur-Somme and Walancourt is Mallancourt near Meuse.
  14. I am not familiar with French language at all. Therefore, I am asking for help with some photos I have. I would be very grateful for your help. I´ve bought recently big lot of ww1 photos(cca 100+) and some of them have writings on their back. I will scan them in upcoming days, 2-3 per day and post them here. I hope you will enjoy the photos. First photo is not part of that lot bu I am also interested in writing on the back. Thank you in advance.
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