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 I  have in my collection a WW 1 Navy group comprising of trio and Naval MSM . details of MSM are ( J5067 G C A Norgate  LDG SIG  "Nonpareil"  1 July - 11 Nov 1918.)  Can anyone tell me the significance of the date 1st July and November 11th. I know it was Armistice day but why 1st July? and was it usual to date medals this way?

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Hello BJ,

The two dates refer to 'Honours for Services in Destroyers of the Grand Fleet Flotilla between 1st July and 11th November 1918'

ie That was when your Man earned his MSM. If you take a look at the link below and go to the section marked '31236-14 March 1919' you will find Norgate listed there.


All the best Simon

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